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Muse of the Week oo4

Published on Dec 18, 2015

Not only did Steve-O teach me how to create this amazing traditional clown makeup look, but he taught me how to JUGGLE IN 5 MINUTES!! Hope you guys love this video as much as I do! And can’t thank Steve-O enough for making the time to teach me so much! I adore you, Steve!


[opening graphics hand-drawn by: @BJBetts]
[clown theme song composed and performed for this video by: @AliHelnwein]
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CLOWNS: Love or Hate?

Published on Dec 16, 2015

This week’s Beauty Chat is just a little taste of some sadness that is to come! Featured guests:
Dad Von D

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Muse of the Week oo3

OMG! Ive been so excited to finally share with you this #MuseOfTheWeek tutorial featuring Tara Buenrostro [@juscallmetara] ! I learned SO MUCH from her filming this and hope you guys will too! Clearly, this is an ADVANCED eyeliner tutorial – so with a bit of practice you can master this approach, as well. Keep in mind, the extremity of this look would most likely be used for an editorial photoshoot – but you can always tone it down if you wanted to use this approach for an every day look!

Extra special thank to Tara for teaching me so much!

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Even though we all know the Mi Vida Loca eyeshadow palette was limited edition and already sold out – here’s a tutorial I filmed for you, inspired by one of ny favourite people to follow on Instagram: @juscallmetara !

Products used for this look:

-Mi Vida Loca eyeshadow palette
-High Voltage eyeshadow primer
-Tattoo Liner
-Immortal Lash mascara
-Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Double Dare”
-Lock-It Liquid Foundation
-Shade+Light face contour palette
-Shade+Light eye brush

[music for the video by: @alohelnwein]
[editing by: Tom Siiter [email protected]]

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Muse of the Week oo2

“Man, oh man! I have been Steffanie’s biggest fan for SO LONG now and have stalked her Instagram forever! So, when she agreed to come over to my house and film a tutorial with me I was over the moon!
I was already prepared to be in awe of Steffanie, but never did I imagine I’d be making a life-long friend out of it!

Steffanie is an amazingly talented makeup artist, as well as the Co-Founder of Nero Cosmetics – which I didn’t even know until AFTER we filmed this! That’s how humble and awesome she is!

PS. I’m still unsure who’s a crazier cat-lady – me or Steffanie. 😉

Anyway! Hope you guys love this super simple, awesome metallic green lip look – and TRY IT OUT YOURSELF because it was SO UCH FUN and EASY TO DO!

Products used [all Kat Von D Beauty]:

-Everlasting Liquid Lip in “Witches” black.
-Studded Kiss Lipstick in “Plan 9” green.
-Metal Crush Eyeshadow in “Iggy” emerald.

*all products are available on: or at a Sephora near you!

[music composed for this video by: @AliHelnwein]
[“Muse Of The Week” opening graphic hand drawn by: @BJBetts]
[editting by: Tom Siiter [email protected]]”