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Kat von D has posted her date has changed to December 6th, 2014


In celebration of the first ever Sephora opening in Australia, I’m flying to your beautiful country for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, at 2PM, I’ll be at the Sydney location (on Pitt Street) hugging the hell outta you all!

MY GOAL: to meet every single one of you that shows up! Naturally, this scares the sweet folks over at Sephora, because they need to be able to prepare for however many of you come! So, to play it safe, they have put together a safety plan!!

The first 300 people to purchase a KvD product will receive a RAD care package of goodies, as well as a wristband that will guarantee your place in line! They’ve agreed to let people start coming for their wristbands the day before (Dec. 5).

Don’t worry! If you ask me, I’m certain I’ll end up meeting more than those first 300, and I will do my best to make sure everyone leaves happy!

So there you have it! Bring your camera, bring your best friend, bring whatever you want signed, but most importantly bring your happy, smiling self!!

I’m ridiculously anxious to FINALLY get to meet all of you!!


[November 25th, 2014]

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we’re back!

as you know, i am fairly new at this stuff. Had some mix up with cancelling one hosting to another. So it deleted EVERYTHING! So I will be getting everything back up ^.^ live and learn right? So no worries! KVDU is still up & going and still in process of building the ultimate Kat von D site for you guys!