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Vegan Shoe Line Sneak Peek

Last night Kat teased us with a short clip on her Instagram for her upcoming VEGAN shoe line!
Here is what is known so far on the shoe line:
– will be female, male and unisex options
– small to large sizes [exact sizes not known yet]
– heels, sneakers, creepers and combat boots!
– so far been confirmed by Kat be shipped to Australia and South America also
– to be priced fair. She wants to make cruelty free shoes accessible to everybody!
– possibly a purse and belt line too!


Finally turned in all the content for my #vegan shoe line I plan on launching this year! Now maybe my office can go from looking like a serial [shoe] killer’s place back to normal. For now.

[been listening to “Mind Idea” by Jeremy Enigk on repeat for the past week, so figured it would be good to add it to this vid]

🎥: @sweetsaltproductions


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Better Together Vol 1

If you haven’t heard yet, Kat von D teamed up with Too Faced to make one hella cute collection! It is out now in the US at Sephora, Kat von D Beauty, Too Faced & in Canada at Sephora. Available internationally starting February 2017!

Comes in two collections available to purchase seperately:
Palette with FULL SIZED Kat von D Tattoo Liner & Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
     Heart Shaped Bag with Jerrod & Kat’s pets face with mini exclusives TF blushes & KVDB lipsticks
You can also purchase just the Tattoo Liner & Better than Sex as a duo!

Here are some tutorials done with the palette. And don’t forget to check out more Kat von D tutorials



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25 New Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Preview

Kat Von D had revealed the 25 new shades coming throughout 2017 after posting a tease yesterday “Just swatched 25 new shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick!😵Shoutout to @bitebeauty for making the most heavenly sugar lip scrub! #lifesaver” Kat von D posts December 28th, 2016

Today most of us woke up to a sweet surprise of seeing these shades in a video and later in separate posts with info and facts on the shades! check them out!

•ZERO: 👽pale cement grey. Named after my @lipstickittty’s kitty cat.
•DAGGER: 🗡cool, dusty grey/periwinkle.
•WOOLF: 🐺deep stone grey. Inspired by one of my favourite poets, Virginia Woolf. •PLAN 9:🌲this is the Everlasting version of our famous Studded Kiss deep seafoam green lipstick.
•DREAMER: 🐳neon aqua.
•BLUE BLOODED: 💙the most luscious royal blue.
•ROXY:💜 this existing shade will be released in full-size in Feb/March. •K-DUB:🦄 named this beautiful soft/neon berry after a woman I look up to in many ways: Kristin Walcott. Pre-launching 4/20.
•RUBENS: 🌺 neon magenta inspired by my fave master painter: Peter Paul Rubens. This shade will be limited edition, available in the Spring on only.

👄MISS ARGENTINA: maximum fuchsia, inspired Beetlejuice. Duh!
🎈TRAVIESA: neon fire engine red. Traviesa might as well been my nickname as a kid.
👅HYPER HYPER: there’s not a bright enough emoji to describe this motherf*cker.
🐴LA LUPÉ: warm almond. This special shade is amazing! And yes, inspired by the famous Cuban singer!
🦊ÓRALE: electric pumpkin.
🍅MALICE: neon persimmon red – named after one of my biggest muse: @officialmalicemcmunn
🏀SACRED HEART: muted pumpkin.
⚰️PLATH: so, I got production to move quicker so we could release full size versions of this shade, coming Feb!
🥀XO: this limited edition shade is already out now in the #BetterTogether collection exclusively at Sephora.

👛LOVECRAFT: finally! Our beloved Studded Kiss shade will be in the Everlasting Formula! Currently, it’s available in the Everlasting Obsession vault on
🐨HAZE: romantic spin on grey/beige/greige. I dedicate this shade to @jessicahazemua.
🔮NOCTURNA: deepest grape.
🐖MUÑECA: nude petal.
🍂OPHELIA: nude chestnut.
🕌LUDWIG: nude fawn.
🐂SANCTUARY: nude coffee – prelaunching 2/2.
🌰HAWKWIND: nude sienna.
🕰CRUCIFIX: deep chocolate. ***the last 6 nude shades [Muńeca, Ophelia, Ludwig, Sanctuary, Hawkwind, Crucifix] will be sold individually, and in a discounted nude-bundle in February – exclusively at sephora!