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Marie Claire France

You’re a bit of an UFO in the world of cosmetics. What is your perception of beauty, one that you want to convey?

Kat Von D: “For me, the beauty can manifest in different ways, it is not only” aesthetic “. What I like with makeup, and my products in particular, is that they allow to forge its own identity according to its affinities with makeup: I like to create original looks, but it’s not not the case for everyone. Some prefer to stay in nude colors, others like to play with colors. It is important that everyone can express themselves as they wish, paying a lot or very little makeup. ”

A beauty ritual good to you?

I always prepare in music. Punk rock: it always sends heavy … And it feels on my makeup! My musical influences inspire me a lot to create my looks, more or less crazy from one day to another.

What are your limits in makeup?

I dare everything from electric blue on the eyes, very pink blush on the cheeks, a marked contouring for the rock’n’roll side … And of course a line of eyeliner along with a red blood on the lips. That’s still my trademark! (laughs). I always have on me, for touch-ups during the day.

Why have you decided one day to start your makeup brand?

“It’s been 10 years that I have my makeup brand. I started because I do not recognize myself in the products available on the market: I wanted cosmetics that perfectly reflect my vegan lifestyle, that is to say, not tested on animals , and more respectful of their well being. I took the leap, and I am very proud to offer a range completely cruelty-free completely in line with my values. I hope people recognize themselves in what I propose.

Today in France, my brand is available in 180 references thanks to which we can create hundreds of different looks from my eyeshadows, eyeliners my, my lipstick or my foundation . ”

Today, do you think the word “cruelty-free” weighs in the act of buying beauty addicts?

“Of course. Vegan beauty products are in demand. It is a market which now, people learn, know that there are alternatives to the products tested on animals . And this is a real opportunity that the brand offers Kat Von D: make a beautiful setting with beauty makeup without animal ingredients, and without compromising the welfare of the animals.

How did you come to create the Better Together Ultimate Collection Eye Palette Too Faced with?

Jarrod Blandino and I have always heard wonderful. He shares the same values ​​as me and always supported me in my projects in recent years. When he offered me a collaboration for the Better Together Eye Collection, I could only say yes! We have common interests, and we want to convey a single message: makeup allows us to have fun, to create something unique for everyone.

January 26th, 2017

february 7th 2017

Kat von D out visiting friends February 7th, 2017

Interview with Sananas

Here is an interview Kat did in France recently for the Kat von D Beauty launch!

Vegan Shoe Line Sneak Peek

Last night Kat teased us with a short clip on her Instagram for her upcoming VEGAN shoe line!
Here is what is known so far on the shoe line:
– will be female, male and unisex options
– small to large sizes [exact sizes not known yet]
– heels, sneakers, creepers and combat boots!
– so far been confirmed by Kat be shipped to Australia and South America also
– to be priced fair. She wants to make cruelty free shoes accessible to everybody!
– possibly a purse and belt line too!


Finally turned in all the content for my #vegan shoe line I plan on launching this year! Now maybe my office can go from looking like a serial [shoe] killer’s place back to normal. For now.

[been listening to “Mind Idea” by Jeremy Enigk on repeat for the past week, so figured it would be good to add it to this vid]

🎥: @sweetsaltproductions


Kat von D on Citizen Radio

Kat von D has made and appearance on Citizen Radio with Jamie today. You can find Kat about 32 minutes into the broadcast

Jamie interviews artist and tattoo artist Kat Von D (@thekatvond) about animal rights and being an artist.”

You can also find the interview on iTunes

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