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Kat von D & IAMX Interviews

Kat von D & IAMX Interviews

Here are some interviews done while Kat was on tour with IAMX overseas

Exclusive Interview: Kat Von D and IAMX

I sat down with Kat Von D and IAMX (formally known as Chris Corner) at the Electric Ballroom in Camden last week. Fans were waiting patiently outside the venue four hours before opening time to see both IAMX and Kat perform live.

For people who don’t know you please tell me about yourselves

C- I’m running this project as IAMX, which is my solo music project! It’s electronic-rock! I’ve been doing this for a while now and I just released an album.

K- I don’t really like the word artist but I create things with my hands, with my mind and with my heart from tattooing, writing books and designing! I play music as well and I’m an animal rights activist 

How did you get started in music? Who was your inspiration when you were younger

C- my weird old uncle used to play me strange music at the time and he really bombarded me with this guy called David Sylvian! I didn’t grow up listening to pop music and from an early age I was really interested in experimental music. I think that got me really interested in production

If you could tour the album, where would you go?

K- we’re in London so really Chris should say London

C- Los Angeles probably!


So Los Angeles would be your favourite city to play?

C- it is actually! I know a lot of people complain about LA and think LA people are dead inside

K- they do?

C- I’ve had people say that! Maybe they haven’t been getting the right reaction! I love playing in LA; it’s ridiculous and cool! I don’t know if it would be my favourite city but it’s one of them!

K – I’d be happy playing in my living room but one thing I’ve noticed about ever since we’ve done this music thing together is that Chris’s fans are so aggressive in a great way! They’re so hyper and it’s been really neat to see the reaction from different countries and how excited they are for the next stop on the tour! I’ve always been appreciative of that because I think it’s important to be a fan of music!

C- they are beautiful fans for sure!

What can the fans expect from the shows?

C- a lot of loud beats, sweaty music and Kat Von D dancing around possibly in bare feet.

K- Yep definitely

C- Lots of people probably grabbing my balls… sometimes that happens!

K- Really? It’s so strange for people to grab your balls

C- I don’t mind, people get very excited and it’s like the only time I get out the house so it’s basically one big party for me!

Kat you’re well known for creating amazing tattoos and for your cosmetic range and many other things, How did you become involved in the album and I understand tonight this will be the first time you will be performing live in London, how excited are you for this?

K – I’ve been a long time fan of Chris and his music and I do this thing on instagram where I’ll shoot some really interesting looking videos and I like to put music of bands that I really love to inspire other people to listen to bands outside of the box! I’m sick and tired of whatever music is shoved down our throats on a daily basis through the radio! My followers are keen on the music playlists and I had used an IAMX song and Chris got wind of it! We met up in LA at my house to discuss the possibility of working together and I think for both of us It was very important that we had good chemistry and got along because It doesn’t matter how cool you are, if you’re an asshole I don’t want to work with you and lucky for me Chris is awesome! It just made sense to collaborate.

C- Bury yourself, working fucking hard and you have to have an unstoppable drive! You have to care about what you do! If you don’t care, you won’t get anywhere and don’t search for money because It will come if you do what you love!  What advice would you give to people who would like a career like yours?

K- I would just say don’t listen to the dream crushers and don’t listen to anybody who tells you, it’s unrealistic to do something! I think art comes in so many different forms.

What do you both miss about being away from home?

K- My cats…duh

C- my dog 

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

C- still working on that! We both connect on ‘living in the present’ and I know Kat has a business empire that she probably has to plan but I think we both go day-to-day and week-by-week.

CREDIT: Sophie Bird for flavourmag.co.uk


IAMX brings Kat Von D on tour “I see the amount of unstoppable drive in her and I see myself”

Chris Corner AKA IAMX has just released his newest LP Alive In New Light(AINL) on the 2nd of February. In his brand new work he captures a sense of metamorphosis, an invitation to the next phase in IAMX’s dark journey of self-discovery. Appearing on four tracks and along for the tour is the brilliant and super popular tattoo and make up powerhouse, Kat Von D.

On Saturday 3rd of March IAMX is getting ready to perform in London accompanied with the sultry tones of Kat Von D, but a few hours prior the show we get to meet both artists to have a chat regarding what will be a very interesting and winning collaboration.

IAMX: It’s really good. It’s always a bit bumpy in the beginning because you make a lot of mistakes and you get sick and your body re-adjust to this lifestyle which is quite an extreme lifestyle if you don’t go out much like me. In normal life I just don’t do anything (laughs). So far it’s been wonderful and the shows and the people have been wonderful. It’s really nice to have Kat here as well, it really adds a ray of sunshine to the whole thing.RAMzine: You are currently doing a tour in support of the release of your brand new album Alive In New Light, how’s that going so far?

RAMzine: While you were writing the lyrics what was your main source of inspiration?

IAMX: My own psychology, it’s quite a selfish process but it’s definitely an album about becoming more at one with yourself and with the world, becoming more uplifted by being alive and accepting who you are. That’s pretty much the lyrical inspiration. My interest in the deeper, darker emotions will always be there, although I don’t know sometimes I think I am too emotional but maybe in fact I am not emotional enough and doing these records actually helped me to motivate my emotions.

RAMzine: Kat, you are a multi-talented woman and you seem to excel in everything you do, are you planning to get more involved within the music business in the near future?

KAT VON D: Thank you for those complements! I’ve been playing music since I was five years old in the classical music world. And then I had written and recorded an album years ago that I will finally be releasing this year, so yeah definitely! I’m excited about giving music a bigger part of my life.

RAMzine: How did the collaboration with Kat happen and are you guys happy with the outcome so far?

KAT VON D: Miserable (laughs).

IAMX: It’s all shit (laughs). How did that happen? I was made aware of the fact that Kat had posted a very beautiful slow motion video of herself falling backwards to one of my songs. So I got really excited and we had management contact Kat to see if she was interested in doing something together. I mean I didn’t even know she was musical at the time, basically because I just don’t go online. I don’t really do this whole social media thing. Then I found out she was a great pianist and that she had a beautiful voice, so I got even more excited. When she said she would have been interested, we finally met. I went to her beautiful house in LA, full of creepy objects and a black garden. She eventually came to the studio and it all went pretty smoothly, no dramas.

RAMzine: What can we expect from your live performance?

IAMX: Just mind blowing sexual energy and sweat and craziness. Whenever I get that question I’m like I don’t know what do you expect? What do fans expect? I know what I’m gonna give. It’s definitely high energy performance. It’s gonna be different injecting Kat to the system, I don’t how much I am gonna jump around or if she’s gonna jump around. We haven’t done a lot of rehearsals together so it’s gonna be more spontaneous and fun I guess.

RAMzine: In the brand new video ‘Stardust’ that just came out yesterday, you really captured the darkness mixed with the live experience and the beauty of it all, how did you put together this piece of visual art?

IAMX: I’m not very conceptual, I find it difficult to come up with a solid concept. I generally just mess around a lot. So if I set up a space and I have the right people and the right cameras in place I can spend a lot of time experimenting, I’m very interested in visual art so somehow I trust my aesthetic. I don’t trust my concept but the aesthetic comes naturally. I’m quite a good editor so I spend a lot of time editing .

KAT VON D: He did such a great job to capture the sentiment of the song, I remember when he told me about the video he said ‘I want you to shave Janine’s head’ and I said ‘O my God that’s the coolest thing ever’, because I felt like that was already such a rough around the edges idea and I think my biggest challenge was being as aggressive because it’s not in my nature to be aggressive. Janine was such a star player, seeing her face in the shots while she’s being OK with having this symbol of female being ripped away is just on another level. It was really powerful, I think she was my favourite part of the music video.

RAMzine: Kat, what’s the best memory you’ve created with Chris so far?

KAT VON D: It’s really cool to have made a friend out of this. I like that one time in which we were texting each other narring an entire video through emojis (laughs). I think we share a similar sense of humour so there are a lot of laughters, in a good way, like laughing about dark shit. I’ve always been a do-it-yourself person, I’ve always cut out the middle man. It’s like when I was writing my second book I thought I have to learn how shoot photos and deal with visual cameras so even watching him making the ‘Stardust’ music video made me really appreciate the fact that there was an intense amount of work that he puts into everything. I’ve always felt like the more you understand the process the more you are a part of that and the more you manage to make things more beautiful. It’s refreshing to see somebody working the same way that I do.

IAMX: I think that’s why we click. I see the amount of unstoppable drive in her and I see myself and I see a real connection there.

KAT VON D: Exactly. I don’t have an appreciation for dreamers, I mean I have dreams, but I have an appreciation for executors, people who do things and Chris is definitely on that. Plenty of times people asked me to be part of projects but it’s all like hopes and dreams. I have no interest entertaining that or wasting time. I have an x amount of heartbeats in this lifetime and I want to invest them wisely. So it’s exciting to work with somebody that is on the same level.

RAMzine: Can you tell us anything about your future plans?

IAMX: Let’s see how tonight goes uh? (laughs). I think each thing we have done so far has happened pretty much spontaneously and I like life like that. I wanna live now.

CREDIT: Claudia Mancino for ramzine.co.uk

Kat von D joins IAMX on tour!

Kat von D joins IAMX on tour!

Kat Von D has announced dates where she will join IAMX on tour!

@IAMX TOUR DATES ANNOUNCED!❤ Swipe to see dates I’ll be singing on stage w @iamx! But be warned, tickets are selling out – so get yours before it’s too late! *ps. hoping to possibly add a few dates if schedule allows – keep you posted! #iamx #AINL #AliveInNewLight

21st – Brooklyn, NY at Rough Trade [SOLD OUT]
22nd – Brooklyn, NY at Rough Trade

7th – San Francisco, CA at GAMH
9th – Los Angeles, CA at Fonda Theatre

MAY 24th – Mexico City, MX at Lunario

3rd – London, UK at Electric Ballroom
5th – Paris, FR at La Machine
6th – Madrid, ES at Sala But

You can check out more info and get your tickets at https://www.musicglue.com/IAMX

Katherine, My Love.

Katherine, My Love.

So for Valentine’s I thought in doing something to surprise Kat so I reached out to Leafar [Prayers] in doing an interview. Thank you so much to Leafar for taking the time to answer and I hope you all enjoy. Especially you Katherine <3

When/how did you hear of Kat?

I first meet Kat 14 years ago on MySpace. By fate I came across her page and was instantly drawn to her. I had an overwhelming desire and need too meet her. So I nervously messaged her a sincere and genuine compliment on her mastery of the art of tattooing. I grew up in the San Diego tattoo scene so I knew true skill and artistry when I saw it !

What was your first thought/impression meeting Kat?

That she’s an angelic being, a rare and kind soul. Who’s beauty luminates from the inside as much as it does from the outside.

When was the moment you realized you wanted to be more than just friends?

Since the first day I meet her 14 years ago.

What was it you loved most about Kat? Getting to know her on a different level now, is it still the same?

I love her lips and the way they curl when she’s in deep thought. I love the little dimple that appears on her beautiful face when she smiles. I love her dark brown eyes and the way they pierce my heart every time she so lovingly gazes into mine.

I love her night sky black hair and the way it adorns her perfect visage.

I love and lust over her voluptuous and alluring body that I can’t get enough of.

I love the regal kindness of her generous heart. I am fascinated, captivated and in love with her mind and it’s godlike wisdom. She’s by far the sweetest and smartest person I’ve ever meet in my life.

I respect, admire and look up to her genius. I’ve never been around someone as talented, creative and gifted as her. But to answer your question in regards to knowing her now on a deeper level are things still the same? Well the answer is NO it’s not the same, it’s actually better !!! She’s beyond what you see on the surface, she’s ready to transcend. There well never be another Kat Von D !

Describe Kat is 3 words

Sexy ! Radiant ! Irreplaceable !

What is your favourite feature about Kat? Was this what attracted you to her?

Her grace, her Style, her voice and her booty !

Is there a song that reminds you of Kat?

into my arms. By Nick Cave.
[listen on YouTube]

I have seen some your comments to her, have you wrote a poem about Kat? Or maybe a song?

Yes I’ve written her several Poems some in blood.

How has Kat changed your life as friends & as a couple now?

She’s given me something that I’ve never had in my life and that’s Love !

What flower would best describes Kat?

The Black Rose. With its intoxicating aroma. It’s perfect shape and it’s timeless beauty. The pedals as soft as her lips and it’s thorns as sharp and deadly as her style.

If Kat were to go into isolation like she revealed last year that she almost did, would you join her is cutting of from all humanity?

Yes ! I would in a heartbeat ! All I need in this world is her.

What is one moment of Kat’s you love? That sticks with you? May it be LA Ink, Beauty, etc.

I knew her before LA ink or anything that people know her for. The one moment that sticks with me. Is when she first responded to my MySpace message and how sweet it was.

How does it feel to become Piaf, Poe & Nietzsche dad?

It’s out of this world ! I love them so very much they’re truly little angels. Piaf is the perfect gentleman full of unconditional love. Poe is a lady and a classic beauty, she’s our princess. Nietzsche is our handsome devil not only is he the protector of the castle but he’s also charming and debonair ! I’m beyond blessed to have them in my life.

With the two of you being so creative, what is your favourite thing to do together in a creative aspect? Like music, writing, art, etc.

All of the above ! Creating music with my love is the closest thing to celestial magick. It’s like dancing nude under the moon. Writing with my irresistible muse is vulnerable and through its process

healing. Art the language of the subconscious mind has strengthened our communication, we’ve become telepathic with each other. But my favorite activity that we do together is done in our bedroom.

Would you ever collab on a KVD X Prayers beauty product/line?

Yes totally. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do with or for my love !

What is one thing you love about Kat that she doesn’t realize she does?

There is one little thing that she does. That she’s unaware of and It has to do with the healing and mending of my once broken and tortured heart. Her love is my medicine and the reason my heart smiles.

Out of all Kat von D pictures out there or ones you have taken, what is your favourite picture & why?

They’re all my favorite. Because some show her kindness, others her talents and beauty. Im inclined to say the photos with us kissing but in reality I love them all because I love all that she is.

What would you say to Kat right now as she reads this Interview?

Kitty I am nothing without your love. One day I hope to call you my wife. I dream of raising a beautiful family with you. I want to take care of you, I want to protect you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want us to be buried together. Kitty I am wholeheartedly in love with you and your essence.

Anything else you like to add?
Yes, I do have one last thing to say and it’s to the naysayers who unwarrantedly hurl their uninformed opinions about our relationship. Stop bringing up our past relationships because they’re irrelevant. If it wasn’t for our exes we wouldn’t know what being with the wrong person is like. One more thing the reason those lames are no longer in her life is because of two reasons one they didn’t treat her right and second they ain’t me !!!

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