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I was travelling home today and was finally able to do a new version [and get a new layout] for Kat von D Unlimited for 7th birthday! Can you believe it?! SEVEN YEARS!

I never in my mind though I would be here 7 years later with the longest running Kat von D fan club [i still think fan club sounds so weird to say lol] I started out as a Facebook page then a Twitter then a Tumblr [i do have other social media accounts too]. Tumblr is where I really got an idea how & what I should do. 5 years later I finally had a fan site

Still a work in-progress as I am still doing pages & uploading pictures in the gallery from over the years. Of course, this is just a little bit of the “history” i do plan on doing a page on how I became a fan & how KVDU became.

In the meantime, take a look at the new version if you are on a computer/laptop ^.^


if you haven’t heard, it was Kat von D Unlimited 5th BIRTHDAY! [February 23rd] Five years of bringing you Kat von D needs & desires! Here is a post Kat did:

Today is the official 5 year anniversary of my fan club: @kvdunlimited ! Ashley (the lovely gal that runs it) never ceases to impress me with her impressive archive of all things KvD – photos, artwork, fashion, etc. Thank you, Ashley, for all the love + support of the years – and to my other fanclubs too! I ADORE YOU GUYS ALL SO MUCH! ️ [P.S. This is a photo of me when I was a kid that she found!] [February 23rd, 2015]


with that said, I have so many things in store with a new year beginning. Re-Doing KVDU youtube channel, still have yet pages to get up and going on here and organize my Kat von D pictures for the gallery! I still can’t believe I have this site too! after nearly 5 years of running Kat von D Unlimited I have my own site! But here are some of Kat von D FIRST of the year!

first picture of 2015
first “tattoo time” of 2015 of an Owl
SONG OF THE DAY: “L’ Via L’ Viaquez” by The Mars Volta
first Shoes of the Day

ALSO! on Kat von D Unlimited I have uploaded ALL of Kat von D’s make-up tutorials! So they always be in a safe place and easy access then having to look through Sephora’s page and Kat’ Youtube doesn’t have all her tutorials up or in a playlist. So enjoy! Kat von D Make-Up Turorials Playlist

Hope you all had a great 2014 and hope you have an amazing 2015! Can’t wait to get it started with all I have in store for Kat von D Unlimited ^.^ make it the ultimate place for Kat von D Fans!

we’re back!

as you know, i am fairly new at this stuff. Had some mix up with cancelling one hosting to another. So it deleted EVERYTHING! So I will be getting everything back up ^.^ live and learn right? So no worries! KVDU is still up & going and still in process of building the ultimate Kat von D site for you guys!