Kat von D is back!
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Kat von D is back!

I’m gonna be taking a break from social media [and my phone all together] for a bit, so please pardon my silence. 🖤 With Love, KvD [April 12th, 2017]
If you have been M.I.A yourself, you will find that Kat von D had decided to take a break from Social Media April 12th, 2017. Many were sad and she was missed not even a few days after. But everybody deserves a break from the media & I don’t blame her for doing so. I for one really did miss her and her posts. But over the course of her absence we did get a few sneak peaks of her AND she has a new hair do! [you can view these in the gallery also]


I had an inkling when came close to a month. And on the day I had a strong feeling and I saw a IG notification pop up up “thekatvond shared a photo” I had to double check xD 29 days without a word and we had our Crazy Cat Lady back! And she’s posted an amazing photo! Looks like she has been busy with some photo shoots of some kind but I am loving them!

Hello. [May 11th, 2017]
Happy Sabbath. 🖤 [May 13th, 2017]
✝︎✝︎ lipstick by: @katvondbeauty “A-Go-Go” orange sunglasses: @lindafarrow [May 16th, 2017]

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$256k for Project Chimps

 August 2016, Kat von D had released a Limited Edition Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shade called "Project Chimps"  What is Project Chimps? "Project Chimps is making unprecedented advances for captive chimpanzees!  Primatologists and professionals from all over the country left their...
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Vegan Shoe Line Sneak Peek

Last night Kat teased us with a short clip on her Instagram for her upcoming VEGAN shoe line! Here is what is known so far on the shoe line: - will be female, male and unisex options - small...
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Kat von D at CatConLA

"Guess who's just joined us for 2016? @thekatvond is bringing the Kat Von D Beauty Bar exclusively 2 CatConLA! The pop up space will offer free eyeliner applications to CatCon attendees, plus Kat Von D's studded kiss lipsticks named...