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Modern Day Muse

Modern Day Muse

MY VIDEO IS OUT! I still can’t believe this happened! Just seemed like something in my head xD i’ll post some BTS soon and do a little write up about it all! For now, watch the video <3

Make sure to check out the rest of the Muse videos on Kat Von D Beauty Youtube!


This one is very dear to my heart as Ashley was the founder of my first fan club! Meant so much to me to include her in this campaign! Love you, Ash-Bear! 🖤

Kat von D Beauty 10 Day Take Over

Kat von D has announced today that next 10 days she will be taking over the Kat von D Beauty Instagram to share with us her 10 Modern Day Muses. As you may know, she has done a campaign to launch her 10 year anniversary that showcases these 10 Modern Day Muses! The line launches May 5th!

Hey guys! I’m taking over the KvD Beauty Instagram for the next 10 days if that’s ok with you! Love, Kat 🖤




So make sure to follow Kat von D on Instagram and also YouTube for these video. Her first muse has been posted! So check out Adoring Kat von D for the video or Kat von D Beauty Youtube

Facebook Live with Nathan Runkle

Facebook Live with Nathan Runkle

Today Kat did a live with Nathan Runkle who found Mercy for Animals. Make sure to take a look at their website!

Here are some websites mentioned in the video:
ChooseVeg.com was mentioned for recipes
Prevent Cruelty California was mentioned for the signatures needed

Some Documentaries mentioned:
Forks over Knives
check out the rest in this post [x]

Here is the Facebook live

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