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Kat von D may be renowned worldwide for her tattoo art but she says she is really just a hippy nerd

[December 3rd, 2014]

FORGET koalas, emu’s or kangaroos, Kat von D has just one animal she wants to see on her first trip to Australia.

The renowned tattoo artist, reality star and businesswoman is desperate to see a Sydney Flying Fox fruit bat.

“I heard I could just go to the Botanical Garden but I’ve found out that they’ve been ushered out into a different section,” she said.

“I’ve been trying to find out where these bats are and I’ve just got word that they are somewhere near the airport so one of my main goals on this trip is to see the bats. I am just going to mentally record as much as I can.”

The star of reality series LA Ink and Miami Ink is in town to help launch the first Sephora store in Australia, which stocks her make-up range. She will appear at the Pitt Street store to meet fans at 2pm Saturday.

Kat von D, born Katherine von Drachenberg, is a self proclaimed geek.

“People probably think I am a lot cooler than I really am,” she laughed. “I know proudly that I am very geeky and I am totally fine with that.”

Asked to expand on her geekdom, she added: “I’m a bookworm, I read a lot. I love gardening, nature, hippy nerd stuff I guess. I am not Star Wars geeky cos I’m not that cool.”

[Kat von D with Jonathon Moran on The Daily Telegraph]

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