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Kat von D an artist “skin”

I met her yesterday at a meeting scheduled since it would be the emcee of Make Up Masters Sephora and she is the image and soul of the line associated with the prizes: . Kat Von D Beauty
I acknowledge that I knew nothing about it until 48 hours ago when I began to see their interviews with Ellen Degeneres and Letterman ; these and some fragments of reality shows in their centers tattoo that catapulted the American stardom. On YouTube I found nearby and professional but from my experience I know that these examples do not always agree with reality.

Kat Von D is an artist and a disciplined businesswoman.Vegana, orderly, shy and curious, sexy and close. But above all, stress that woman is a very affectionate . I do not mean talk about an hour we kept talking about Madrid, Spanish artists or life in LA but by the warm and intense hugs with which he received the winners of Make Up Masters .


In our talk we also talk about tattoos and my lack of courage to bring an indelible memory in my skin. She totally black smiling at me with his face full of tattooed stars. I dressed in white and without a single tattoo. As she told me, one of every three women in the US are tattooed,“before the original was, now you” . This sentence illustrates that love of Kat Von D . A rhythmic tenderness for her Mexican accent when speaking Spanish, her laugh showing me the sweet smell that has put their rods lip, his pride in the artistic packaging made (the lipstick inspired by a spiked bracelet is my favorite). Kat Von D is a consistent artist. Although it might seem otherwise, no makeup but what is shown to the world from the strength of a popular phenomenon that will not stay in that. As her tattoos, she will endure.

September 29th, 2016 by Raquel Sanchez Silva

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