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Kat von D UK Launch

I really did only have a few scant minutes with Kat – but it was enough time to get questions from BBB readers when I did a Twitter call out answered as well as a couple of my own. She had a very good reason to be dashing off – she’s laying a scavenger hunt around London for her fans who follow her on Instagram. Which seems like a very kind thing to be doing and putting so much effort into as well – she could just as easily got someone else to do it!

So, questions from Twitter:

Where does the inspiration for the product names come from? “Everywhere! Art, music, architecture, bands, people and pets.” This question also tied into my own question about whether Kat is a ‘wake up in the middle of the night with an amazing idea kind of person or more of a slow burn, long thought process gal. “I don’t have kids so I can and do get up at 3am because I want to compose a song or write down an idea.” Although she is obviously a spontaneous and creative woman, running your own businesses requires organization and she’s also comfortable with that. You should also know that Kat has had criticism for some product names such as Underage Red and Celebutard.

Have You Any Stand Alone Stores Planned? Stand- alones are much more common in the US than in the UK/Ireland where they’re just starting to appear in volume so while Kat has no plans for a stand-alone in the UK (the range launches into Debenhams in October), she told me that there is a concept stand-alone under construction in LA right now where it’s all about the store experience. When you’re under your own roof you can do as you please, so Kat has creative space workshops planned. We talked a little about Covent Garden turning into London’s ‘beauty area’, and quickly turned to talking about London weather! “I love the rain and the creative energy of London which is a lot like LA. Many great creators come from the UK and Ireland so I always like to be in the UK, and I have lots of friends here, too.”

Are There Any Christmas Gifts To Tell Us About? I actually thought I wouldn’t get an answer to this question but Kat was very happy to tell me that there’s a bundle of all her ‘must-haves’ to put on your list. There is also a special product coming for the UK/Ireland market only, but I couldn’t squeeze any more info on that one!

Which is Your Favourite Product That You’ve Ever Made? “There are so many!” Her first products, however, were four red lipsticks in the Tainted Love collection. “I made them in my quest to find the perfect red lip, so they’re special and the shades still exist.”

Even though Kat is surrounded by an army of ‘people’, she seemed very genuine and excited to be here. When you’re with someone with tattoos all over their face, dropping the F bomb into every sentence and still just can’t stop thinking how beautiful she is, that’s quite something.

It matters to me what the person at the end of a brand is like – it’s one of those things that we don’t really think about and yet, it’s so important. Kat’s range is vegan as is she, she’s got a dark and gothic personal style, just like her products, and she’s tense and relaxed at the same time in her demeanour and that shows through in the product range too, somehow. You need more time than my 5 minutes to truly get the measure of someone but I didn’t have any doubts about the fact that her beauty brand is her absolute passion. She is a talented tattooist, sketch artist and musician although quite where she gets the time I’m not sure!

I’ll have plenty more information on product lines in the forthcoming range as we go along – October is a way off yet. If you have recommendations for me please do let me know.. I’m keen to discover and share more about this brand.

British Beauty Blogger July 6th, 2016

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Serpentina Re-Stock & Lock-It Revolution

As many of you know, Serpentina was launched at Kat von D Beauty but sold out! I assume this is why they had started a day early on Sephora where they to sold out. I know many are upset about this but do keep in mind, they do not foresee what will happen so was out of their control selling out. And as wonderful as they launched a day earlier on Sephora for all of you. But don’t fear, they will be re-stocking for tomorrow!

Also, don’t forget! The new Lock-It revolution has launched today also! with new brushes as well!

Kat von D Beauty

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5 minutes with… Kat Von D

Such exciting news – Kat Von D Beauty, a brand by tattoo artist, Kat Von D has with Sephora is now available in Dubai exclusively at Sephora Middle East. I must admit, I knew about Kat Von D’s beauty brand and see it whenever I’m at Sephora in the US but never came around to trying the products. Since the interview, I started using her products regularly and incredibly obsessed with her shade & light contour palette (that I use over a cream contour kit) and the liquid lipsticks which last all night. If you love your pigment, you will love this range. I spoke to Kat about the region, why it took the brand a while to come here and make up tips.

Hi Kat! How does it feel to be in Dubai?
It’s quite hot but it is exciting to be here, more importantly just excited to bring the brand out here! I’m just excited to see how well people respond. One thing I really noticed even from before getting here is that people in Middle East really embrace a bold eye, and for me this is something that I love doing personally so I know my make up liner will definitely work with the women here.

Is it your first time here in the region?

Why was this the right time to your brand here?
I don’t know, I personally wanted to come here a lot sooner. We’ve been a smash hit in the US for 8 years now but you probably have to ask Sephora Middle East what took them so long! I am just glad to be here

How was the transition from tattoo artistry to cosmetics?
I’ve never actually moved from anything because I want be Salvador Dali, you know Salvador Dali did everything from painting to drawing, a cookbook, designed jewelry, furniture, poetry, all that stuff and that’s what I want to do. So when Sephora approached me about doing a makeup line it was something that really made sense on an artistic level because I felt like I could really express myself in the creative process, and also selfishly create products that I want to use myself.

How do you come up with new products?
Similar seasonal launches like most brands do but unlike most brands I usually take the trend predictions and just throw them out the window. I don’t really care what’s popular or what’s in because I am not really interested in creating anything that’s going to be season. I’d rather have long due in every product that I release, and I think that’s the key – to create something that you really believe in, and for me there’s not one product that I’ve ever made that I wouldn’t personally wear myself- so that’s kind of how we work more on creative.

If you had to choose one product from your range, which is your favorite?
People ask me that all the time and it is really difficult for me to decide because I really do love everything I make, but I love and if I guess I have to choose two, I would say my Tattoo Liner because I use my eye liner everyday and a red lipstick.

You draw the perfect line with your liner, do you have any tips?
I’ve done Youtube tutorials on different approaches – some more artistic than others but I think that a lot of people are scared of liquid eyeliner, if they’ve never used it because it is intimidating. I believe that the tattoo liner is dummy proof and it really is made easy to try out – even for beginners. For me it was like I do want to impress the makeup artist, but I also want it to be very like user friendly. In general I want my mom to be able to use it just as easily as a makeup artist.

You’ve launched the brand in several regions, do you see that there are best sellers that depend on the region?
I am totally surprised and happily shocked that we seem to be continuing to produce heroes. There’s not a weak link in the line. I’m not interested in making any fillers. For me, if you’re not using it, let’s not make it.

I was looking at the shade & light collection, and contouring here is huge – people here love it, do you have any tips for contouring?
You know I’ve done a lot of tutorials, but you really have to contour for your own face shape. I think the biggest mistake on contouring that I’ve seen is that just because it is a very hot trend -It doesn’t mean that you necessarily need it. For example, I have a really small nose, if I were to contour it, it will look even smaller and I think it will look weird.

How important was it for your products to be long lasting and high in pigment?
It is the quality of the makeup line that is a selfish one, because I personally love long wear so to me, I rather create something that I don’t have to touch up all the time. Especially when I was filming the TV show, there’s no room for mistakes, when you are filming really long hours, it was really important for me that it would stand the test of time especially on camera.

What are 5 beauty products that you use on a daily basis?
Obviously, the eyeliner and the red lipstick. I love my foundation because it has just become part of my regime, but I don’t know if I have five things I need. I am a pretty simple person, if I don’t have a brush – I end up just using my hand.  I think it’s mainly in the lipstick!

What are you currently working on?
The Metal crush collection which is coming soon. We just launched it in the US and it really is such an amazing eye shadow formula, and it’s the first time that I’m releasing individual pots, because for me it is important to have a very reasonable price point and that’s why I started to create palettes, because I felt like you get a lot more for the money instead just buying one, That being said, the metal crush collection formula are special, and the most highly pigmented formula that I’ve ever created, and has such an amazing metallic finish. You can use it as a highlighter for your face, you can use it as eyeliner, you can use it for everything, I am excited for you guys to try it!

[myfashiondiary November 20th, 2015]

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Colin Magazine Interview

You may remember the super cool Kat Von D of LA Ink and Miami Ink?

Kat is not only one of the world’s most successful female tattoo artist but also a beauty junkie to rank! However, she is careful to point out that she is not a makeup artist when she talks about her label, but just incredibly interested about makeup.

Now finally released Kat Von D beauty  for sale in Scandinavia at Sephora. As we have longed! Despite the fact that until now has not been possible to obtain products in Sweden, there has been a big hype around the brand. All products are vegan and “cruelty free” when Kat herself is vegan and animal lover.

I was honored to interview Kat at the launch event of the Copenhagen, where she tells us how much she loves Sweden and Kent is one out of her absolute favorite band. Kat is a real power woman who has many balls in the air and is a true creator and inspiration to many. She has an exuberant personality and is not afraid to bid on its own. She stands for what she is, which we Colin love!

Where do you find the inspiration to Kat Von D beauty?
I am inspired a lot of patterns in nature and architecture. The names of the products all have a personal connection to me in any way: my cats, music, urban or my fans.

What current trends do you think are the absolute hottest right now?
I’m not a big fan out of trends but I love it when a man or a guy running a full-face makeup with foundation, brows, eye shadow and everything (do not pull the makeup). It screams freedom! I hate the other hand, all this with strobing and baking that abound around on social media right now. I’m the type who does the opposite of what everyone else is doing. The photo also hopes way too much, people blurs their entire faces. I like when you see the little pores! Skin should look like skin.

If you only had to choose a product to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?
It’s tricky, but you can do an awful lot with just one liners! It works on the brows, eyes and lips. Or by the way so I actually did a great look with only one of my lipstick once. But I would probably still say eyeliner. However, would the world be a very sad place if I had to use red lipstick.

Lipstick or mascara?


Which do you think is the most common mistake people make when it comes to makeup?
I do not understand why people use makeup when they do not need, especially when it comes to contouring. I made ​​a video when I contourade my nose once, just to show how it was done for training purposes. I have a very small nose so I got incredibly much shit for that. Yet people go out with the full ‘evening-contouring “when they absolutely do not need it. I really do not understand!

You’re an artist to his fingertips. When you create the best?
I like to create when I’m alone. I do not want to be bothered when I create when I was easily distracted out the surrounding noise.

Tell me about your daily makeup routine!
Every day I put base, eyes and lips. I have dark eyes I drive lighter lips, or darker lips with more natural eye.

Confess your beauty sins, if you have any?
Hmm .. God, how difficult! I do not think I have any, I’m very careful how I use makeup. I probably would however need to wash my brushes more often …
Oh yea! I shall never use my eyelashes and maybe it’s a bit pointless because I buy an awful lot lashes but it feels a little like using a pair of dirty socks.

After the interview I do, and Kat a little lip-tutorial together and laughing until the corners of the mouth ache.
I walk away with a big smile and feel so inspired. What an incredibly beautiful and exuberant woman Kat is!

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