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Artist • Tattoo Artist • Make-Up Guru • Best Selling Author • Musician • Fashion Designer • Animal Activist • Vegan

Colin Magazine Interview

You may remember the super cool Kat Von D of LA Ink and Miami Ink?

Kat is not only one of the world’s most successful female tattoo artist but also a beauty junkie to rank! However, she is careful to point out that she is not a makeup artist when she talks about her label, but just incredibly interested about makeup.

Now finally released Kat Von D beauty  for sale in Scandinavia at Sephora. As we have longed! Despite the fact that until now has not been possible to obtain products in Sweden, there has been a big hype around the brand. All products are vegan and “cruelty free” when Kat herself is vegan and animal lover.

I was honored to interview Kat at the launch event of the Copenhagen, where she tells us how much she loves Sweden and Kent is one out of her absolute favorite band. Kat is a real power woman who has many balls in the air and is a true creator and inspiration to many. She has an exuberant personality and is not afraid to bid on its own. She stands for what she is, which we Colin love!

Where do you find the inspiration to Kat Von D beauty?
I am inspired a lot of patterns in nature and architecture. The names of the products all have a personal connection to me in any way: my cats, music, urban or my fans.

What current trends do you think are the absolute hottest right now?
I’m not a big fan out of trends but I love it when a man or a guy running a full-face makeup with foundation, brows, eye shadow and everything (do not pull the makeup). It screams freedom! I hate the other hand, all this with strobing and baking that abound around on social media right now. I’m the type who does the opposite of what everyone else is doing. The photo also hopes way too much, people blurs their entire faces. I like when you see the little pores! Skin should look like skin.

If you only had to choose a product to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?
It’s tricky, but you can do an awful lot with just one liners! It works on the brows, eyes and lips. Or by the way so I actually did a great look with only one of my lipstick once. But I would probably still say eyeliner. However, would the world be a very sad place if I had to use red lipstick.

Lipstick or mascara?


Which do you think is the most common mistake people make when it comes to makeup?
I do not understand why people use makeup when they do not need, especially when it comes to contouring. I made ​​a video when I contourade my nose once, just to show how it was done for training purposes. I have a very small nose so I got incredibly much shit for that. Yet people go out with the full ‘evening-contouring “when they absolutely do not need it. I really do not understand!

You’re an artist to his fingertips. When you create the best?
I like to create when I’m alone. I do not want to be bothered when I create when I was easily distracted out the surrounding noise.

Tell me about your daily makeup routine!
Every day I put base, eyes and lips. I have dark eyes I drive lighter lips, or darker lips with more natural eye.

Confess your beauty sins, if you have any?
Hmm .. God, how difficult! I do not think I have any, I’m very careful how I use makeup. I probably would however need to wash my brushes more often …
Oh yea! I shall never use my eyelashes and maybe it’s a bit pointless because I buy an awful lot lashes but it feels a little like using a pair of dirty socks.

After the interview I do, and Kat a little lip-tutorial together and laughing until the corners of the mouth ache.
I walk away with a big smile and feel so inspired. What an incredibly beautiful and exuberant woman Kat is!

[colin magazine was trasnlated with google translator app]

Written by Lady Ashley

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