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Kat von D Beauty is coming to the UK by CelebsNow

No longer will you have to pay a bomb in post and packing costs just to get your hands on Kat Von D’s beauty prods. The wait is finally over. Kat Von D beauty is coming to the UK. High five!

Her iconic, highly pigmented, long wear, make up collection is one of the most talked about brands, so we cannot wait until it hits Debenhams this September. Mark it in your diaries now!

Here’ what Kat had to say about it all…

Which product should we check out first?

Lock-It Tattoo Foundation, I think you guys will love it here in the UK, I worked on it for so long to get it perfect. It’s so good for the British weather.

The longevity of the makeup formula’s means this stuff won’t budge – this makeup requires no touch ups.

Why did you create your own makeup line?

I don’t want mini me’s everywhere, I want people to use this makeup line to celebrate their own sense of style.

It’s important for me to create in all aspects of my life, whether that’s designing tattoos, playing the piano or creating this line. We don’t give ourselves enough credit, we are capable of doing so many things and I’m going to die trying to do everything.

What inspires your makeup look?

Music has a big influence on it for sure. It wasn’t until I got into punk rock music that I really started using makeup it as a form of self-expression. Most girls get into makeup to look cute but for me it wasn’t about that.

What do you say to people who don’t like your makeup look?

Makeup is not like getting a tattoo, with make up you can relax, you can mess up all day long but it comes off in the shower at the end of the day. If people don’t like something I do when I post it on Instagram, they just need to relax!

Who’s you beauty icon?

The people that have inspired me really weren’t really lookers; they’re not beautiful in the conventional way. Like Edith Piaf for example, she is so beautiful to me, but has been considered strange looking. Confidence and contentment in yourself is such an attractive characteristic.

Kat Von D Beauty will be available online at from September 13th

CELEBSNOW July 6th, 2016

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Kat von D UK Launch

I really did only have a few scant minutes with Kat – but it was enough time to get questions from BBB readers when I did a Twitter call out answered as well as a couple of my own. She had a very good reason to be dashing off – she’s laying a scavenger hunt around London for her fans who follow her on Instagram. Which seems like a very kind thing to be doing and putting so much effort into as well – she could just as easily got someone else to do it!

So, questions from Twitter:

Where does the inspiration for the product names come from? “Everywhere! Art, music, architecture, bands, people and pets.” This question also tied into my own question about whether Kat is a ‘wake up in the middle of the night with an amazing idea kind of person or more of a slow burn, long thought process gal. “I don’t have kids so I can and do get up at 3am because I want to compose a song or write down an idea.” Although she is obviously a spontaneous and creative woman, running your own businesses requires organization and she’s also comfortable with that. You should also know that Kat has had criticism for some product names such as Underage Red and Celebutard.

Have You Any Stand Alone Stores Planned? Stand- alones are much more common in the US than in the UK/Ireland where they’re just starting to appear in volume so while Kat has no plans for a stand-alone in the UK (the range launches into Debenhams in October), she told me that there is a concept stand-alone under construction in LA right now where it’s all about the store experience. When you’re under your own roof you can do as you please, so Kat has creative space workshops planned. We talked a little about Covent Garden turning into London’s ‘beauty area’, and quickly turned to talking about London weather! “I love the rain and the creative energy of London which is a lot like LA. Many great creators come from the UK and Ireland so I always like to be in the UK, and I have lots of friends here, too.”

Are There Any Christmas Gifts To Tell Us About? I actually thought I wouldn’t get an answer to this question but Kat was very happy to tell me that there’s a bundle of all her ‘must-haves’ to put on your list. There is also a special product coming for the UK/Ireland market only, but I couldn’t squeeze any more info on that one!

Which is Your Favourite Product That You’ve Ever Made? “There are so many!” Her first products, however, were four red lipsticks in the Tainted Love collection. “I made them in my quest to find the perfect red lip, so they’re special and the shades still exist.”

Even though Kat is surrounded by an army of ‘people’, she seemed very genuine and excited to be here. When you’re with someone with tattoos all over their face, dropping the F bomb into every sentence and still just can’t stop thinking how beautiful she is, that’s quite something.

It matters to me what the person at the end of a brand is like – it’s one of those things that we don’t really think about and yet, it’s so important. Kat’s range is vegan as is she, she’s got a dark and gothic personal style, just like her products, and she’s tense and relaxed at the same time in her demeanour and that shows through in the product range too, somehow. You need more time than my 5 minutes to truly get the measure of someone but I didn’t have any doubts about the fact that her beauty brand is her absolute passion. She is a talented tattooist, sketch artist and musician although quite where she gets the time I’m not sure!

I’ll have plenty more information on product lines in the forthcoming range as we go along – October is a way off yet. If you have recommendations for me please do let me know.. I’m keen to discover and share more about this brand.

British Beauty Blogger July 6th, 2016

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LAIKA Magazine

Kat Von D is a world renown tattoo artist, creative powerhouse, makeup maven and the stunning cover star of LAIKA’s Magazine’s newest Sixth Issue. The force behind Kat Von D Beauty opens up about veganism, how she’s turning her makeup line vegan and about being a fearless animal advocate. In her first-ever vegan magazine interview, she shares with LAIKA her heartfelt thoughts about self-expression and her artistic process. Bonding on the cover with Regina hen and with more animals rescued by Farm Sanctuary in the feature, Kat is the embodiment of our new issue’s theme — Unity.

LAIKA Magazine out July 10th

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