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You have an appointment with Kat Von D


The collection of cosmetics tattoo of celebs like Miley Cyrus arrives at Spain from the hand of Sephora. And she’s been in our newsroom to answer your question

She has tattooed Miley Cyrus , Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato ; it’s creative mecca of tattoos in the United States or what is the same, High Voltage Tattoo ; She has triumphed on American television with two realities dedicated to the world of tattoo, Miami Ink and LAInk , and has created a super successful makeup line with her ​​name finally arrives in Spain. What does the hand of Sephora (Spain is the first European country in which landed) and all this after having swept in sales in the United States, where its products, especially lipsticks and eyeliners are real objects of worship.
She is Kat Von D, Mexican by birth but based in Los Angeles from an early age. To celebrate this major release -Sephora is preparing two VIP events for their fans in Madrid and Barcelona on 7 and 9 October-, the queen of tattoo has been in our newsroom answering your questions. Over its history, its line of makeup and her passion for makeup and tattoos (not known how many have in your body, never has had). “The red of my lips was what made ​​me think of Sephora to create a makeup line,” says Kat when he talks about creating your online beauty in 2008.
And Kat loves anything that involves makeup. He began to flirt with the products make up her mother at age 12 and now, when creating their looks, seeks inspiration in everything around him, including “a pair of shoes.” “It has always inspired me to see how other women wore my products to create their own looks. My mom wears makeup as I do, but in a totally different way, “says fun. This is what he told us Kat. And he sums up.

What led you to never give up and follow your dreams and get what you have today? Michelle.

The idea that one day I might be able to impress myself. I just want to improve every day and that’s exciting enough for me to remain fighter.

Could you tell us your favorite artists when inspiration?

Carravaggio, Rembrandt, Kevin LLewellyn, Odd Nerdrum y Gottfried Helnwein.

Nereida my name and my question is for Kat: When finally you relax after a full day of work, do you think, how they feel about you living your days? Thank you for the opportunity to ask a question. It’s a really wonderful person.

Every day is a gift. No matter how many mistakes you made or how many there have been challenges, but when the day is over I’m filled with gratitude, even though you have been alone with my kitten.

Like listening to music while working (tatuas, draw or create new makeup products) or will you be silent? If listening to music what do you prefer?

I like listening to music anytime. I like everything from Beethoven to Slayer. But lately I’ve been listening to a band called IAMX.

What is your favorite tattoo?

The portrait of my dad.

For Kat Von D: Have you ever composed a melody in the wake of a dream or nightmare? Or you have drawn or tatuado.tus dreams or nightmares?

The ideas of art and music come to me constantly. But all I could wish is to have a brainstorming more often!

Hello I would like to know how it started in the world of tattoo and if you had more difficult by the fact of being a woman and Latino, a greeting.

Everyone faces challenges, it girl, boy, Latin or whatever. The important thing is to focus on the initial goal. Sometimes it can be difficult but at the end of the day outside criticism does not really matter!

If you could choose another career, what would you be doing and why?

I could not do anything else. I think I’m designed to create. And that’s the best format.

Hi Kat! I’m looking forward to meeting your makeup line. My question is: if you want to feel sexy and you could only choose a product of your line … What would?

No need to feel sexy makeup because really what you need is confidence and is something you should find within yourself first. Makeup can only enhance the sensuality in you.

10 Kat, when there would be the possibility that’re for South America? Paraguay awaits you with open arms. Many kisses!

Surely soon. Paraguay kisses!

11 Hello! I have a question about eye makeup. I am a girl who has the fixed eyelid very marked and that makes my eyelid practically no display. So when I maquillo with shadows on the eyelid they are sometimes not much appreciated. Advices for makeup this area well and get a good finish? Thank you!!

I recorded a makeup tutorial using eye shadow + illuminator in the outline that I think can help you. It’s on my Youtube channel .

12 Kat, a big hello, have an amazing brand cosmetics, fame, beauty, love I guess, but … Is there something in the life of Kat Von D (humans) that still missing? I send you a kiss Violet Smell 👄 PD.

Yes, I love to see the day when it is finished with unnecessary cruelty to animals in factory farms and in laboratory tests. That would help in the recovery of the environment and ending hunger in the world. I know it seems impossible in a world where people do not care, but I believe that human beings can succeed. I do not care contribute in the best way possible until the day I die.

13 Why do I have to venture into the world of tattooing?

Eek! It is a difficult question to answer quickly. I wrote a book called High Voltage Tattoo . Has a specific chapter can help you.

14 Kat, my name is William and I follow since I was 10, now I have 16 and enchant me and I really admire, my question is, What is living in Los Angeles, it is as beautiful as they say? Jat I love you!

Los Angeles is beautiful from many viewpoints. But it really is a personal preference. I am inspired by its wonderful climate, its artistic communities and diversity of people there.

15 At any time you return to Spain again after this trip?

 Of course! How else he would not be able to continue hearing the Prado Museum?

16 Hi Kat! Do you think people are more similar made to be together? I ask this question thinking about my love and I, because we are very very similar and I’ve always told the story that opposites attract

True love never can be limited by rules or expectations.

17 Your cosmetic line is designed for filling with people with tattoos? I such as lipstick purple?

Absolutely. My makeup line was created to give people tools to express themselves creatively through makeup, but it has nothing to do with being tattooed to take. My mother takes my line of makeup and seems to have nothing to do with me. Haha!

18 What do you think is the most expensive tattoo or did it take to do? You remember who did it?

I usually like most tattooed in 3 or 4 hours. Some tattoos are more intense and may need more sessions, but ultimately works.

19 Hello kat on your beginning as a tattoo artist who has enseñadoa you tattoo?, Have you made any progress?

Since then, he has learned many talented artists. I have been fortunate to work closely with them. But no, I never learned by the traditional method, it has been a self-taught process.

20 What or who inspires you when you need strength or energy to accomplish something?

The idea that there is always opportunity to improve.

21 Hi Kat! Welcome to Spain, I am a big fan of yours from Miami Ink, whenever she saw my dream was that tatuaras me, so my question is why would you do a tour by Spain to tattoo? Thank you. XoXo Espe

No, sorry, but the place where I feel more comfortable tattooing is my tattoo shop , highvoltagetat . If you are ever in Hollywood come to greet me!

22 Artistic period that you prefer? And why?

Her time of Rembrandt y Carravaggio.

23 I would ask him, what his inspirations are for personal look? and tell you that I love your TV show

My inspiration comes from anywhere. I am constantly inspired by music, architecture, the elements of nature. But far from my personal aesthetic, I have to say my favorite is the Victorian era.

24 Kat hello. I am a big fan of your programs you enchant me ….. even if you do not I’ll never know, so yes, I hope to see you in the afterlife. For you make me a tattoo because I do not have any … ironic no? As I also know that this is not going to get there nunca..pero I leave my question …. beautiful. You wish to become a painter instead of tatuadora prestigious and your paintings were worth a fortune .. Thanks, I

Thank you for your comment and for your question. As for my art, I know that many people know me primarily for television programs have focused on my job as a tattoo artist, but tattooing is not the only art form that fills me. I enjoy painting sometimes, I’m not an expert in oil, but absolutely adore painting and I do every day. But in response to your question, I can not imagine selling my drawings. Most of the time I spend on it is a way to thank the people who inspire me free. But my line of makeup is probably the easiest way to acquire a piece of my work, because in every aspect of my makeup line have poured 100% of myself.

25 Hi Kat, I wonder What is for you the key to being an entrepreneur, innovative, while maintaining the freshness and sweetness with which you handle on a day to day work?

I’m sure it’s different for many people, but for me it’s easy to keep your feet on the ground and be humble if you surround yourself with people who support you and love you. As they say, although I have many acquaintances, I really have many friends. But the few that I have are the strongest, honest and inspiring people I know. And that includes my father.

26 Very good! My question is: Have you ever considered offering a range of low cost products KVD? Unfortunately not all have the ability to pay € 20 for lipstick, I understand you have to pay a brand and quality but I think if you want to reach all kinds of people also would be nice to think that we are not wealthy and we It struggles to make ends meet. A kiss and hopefully a reflection.

Since the beginning of katvond Beauty, affordable prices have been personally a major factor. That is one reason why most eye shadows are we produce palette, which makes them more affordable when compared with individual shadows as the most selling brands for about $ 20. As for the lipsticks, we have realized that with the collections of Christmas is the best time to launch mini games lipsticks at an affordable price. That way people can try more than one tone at a lower price. But, lately there are products whose formulations make it difficult to lower their prices to the price range of a perfume, without sacrificing quality. But looking back, when purchases are made, if you buy one of our Everlasting Liquid lipsticks, a tube will last months because the formula is long-lasting!

27 If you were a cartoon and always had to wear the same clothes, hair and makeup what would they be?

I’m already a cartoon.

28 Kate Encantada. I have a tattoo that made me a friend who was learning 15 years ago. It is ugly and poorly made. Does it hurt more tattoo on a tattoo? Can I hide completely? I can not send pictures to show you. A greeting. Kisses

The covers can be trick, but if you choose an experienced tattoo artist can help you perfectly. Good luck.

29 What inspired you to create the product packaging? Is beautiful!

Thank you. I am very grateful that you noticed that I have invested much effort in thinking. Beyond inspiration, everything depends on the theme of the collection.

30 I wanted a video of explanation, as I have eye makeup redonditos (not much) and market eyelid with black shadow outlined, and an entire full face makeup, natural.

I have a lot of beauty tutorials you can find on my YouTube channel.

31 Is it true that you create your proposed Sephora beauty line to see your lipstick on TV?

Yes it’s correct.

32 Have you ever count how many tattoos on your body?

I stopped counting a long time ago, it has become a giant one.

33 How many years maquillaste you first? What person has given you the best beauty tips?

The first time was about 12, I went into my mother’s dressing table and tried on her makeup. When he came and caught me, I got a good one. No one has really given me the best advice, I think of those who have learned more when applying makeup is Erik Soto (global artist Kat Von D).

34 Are you vegan? What benefits have you noticed in your body? Do you feel better?

Of course. Being vegan is the best decision I ever made after alcochol not drink. The benefits I have noticed are improved skin tone, stronger nails, healthier hair, better sleep cycles, more energy … just to name a few that deal with the physical aspect. The most important thing is also helping the environment.

35 What is your best beauty tip?

For me there is no secret in the case of skincare ingredient, extreme for people but can sound better to me is the vegan diet.

36 Kat Von D. I get your eyeliner down in Zacatecas Mexico but do not sell it, you could not put a branch in Zacatecas? Greetings’m your fan!

You can buy my makeup line at Sephora in Mexico City.

37 Do you feel more powerful when you wear makeup?

I do not think power comes from a lipstick, nothing in this world that comes from outside can give that power except yourself.

38 Hi Kat. I am Lucia. I wonder if your project to launch a CD is still in mind. I love your voice and it would be amazing to have your music. I carry you in my heart, idol 💜

Maybe one day, but you never know.

39 What was the first feeling when tattooed someone, and if ever a tattoo failure and I did to remedy it? A kiss girls Blog The World Kats.

The first time I’ve tattooed felt like coming home for the first time, I knew it was just what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. As human beings we make mistakes because we are not robots, but I made mistakes could be corrected.

40 My name is Milagros. I’m from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I love your work and your makeup. Will there come here someday? Cheers

I hope so, the sooner the better. Kisses, Argentina, #che.

41 Hi Kat! If a girl with a little classic would put your black lipstick … do you think you should change your style in any way? Thank you!

No, not at all, I think the beauty of makeup line is that there is a duality in it. So I’ve seen all kinds of people, from young goth girls to wear it a bit more adult girls, so no, do not change your style.

42 Are you still doing tattoos? Or do you do the only beauty issue now?

Most want to be everything, I design furniture, architecture, fashion … I do everything.

43 What is the product that you like best about your line-up?

To be honest I like all, I have all my products every day and I can not decide.

44 What is your favorite tattoo? And what is its significance?

The tattoo of my Dad that I have in my right arm is my favorite. My dad is my best friend and me is very special to take it anywhere in the world to me as a tattoo. I am never alone.

45 Hello Dear Kat Von D. My question is the following things makeup to cover imperfections of the body is waterproof? The look in Vitoria and did not find anybody. It would be so kind as to tell me where I can find. A cordial embrace. Atte.Flavia

Yes, it is waterproof. In Vitoria You can find it at Sephora.

46 Hi Kat! Madrid is looking to you? As the host you are feeling your makeup line here? A hug!

Madrid is one of my favorite places in Spain, you are very fortunate to have the Prado Museum.

47 Kat, what do you think of your Spanish fans? I love you, you’re great 💗

I absolutely adore all my Spanish fans. With all my heart and soul.

48 Do you plan to take out a line of nail polish, for example?

Yes, you read my mind, right now I’m in the process of launching a partnership with Formula X’s my favorite in the whole world. Hopefully it will be this fall.

49 I read that your new makeup line is completely vegan (thank you, thank you!) Has been complicated re-formulate your products? It has been a Sephora yours or decision?

For starters, my line has always been 100% cruelty free, we have always been. Vegan is different, now I’m rethinking the very small part containing mineral pigments, it is now 90% vegan but 2016 will be restated. And yes, that was my decision. Thanks for caring.

50 Do you plan to export to other European countries, the line-up?

The first country was in Spain but will póximamente United Kingdom, Scandinavia and France.

51 You ever thought about making a world “tour” for tattooing? something like book signings tour but for all your fans around the world can have the opportunity to be tattooed for you? It would be a great honor to be tattooed for you! I see you Friday in Barcelona! Kisses! Mary.

I can not wait to see you on Friday! But no, I do not plan to tour tattoo . If you ever come to Hollywood, stop by my shop and come to greet me.

52 Any country in the world you would like to travel and you do not know?

I’ve always wanted to go to Israel.

53 Hi Kat! When you will sell your cosmetics in France? And when you will come to France? I want to buy your products !! I love you, and I want your job a lot too !! Keep the great work and your new definition of beauty 🙂 Love you. Julie.

I will come, but not so soon. It will be launched in France in 2016. #ouiouioui

54 Do you see yourself doing tattoos lifetime?

Yes, provided that the physical allows me, I will continue tattooing. Until it is old.

55 Could you tell us what is your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles? I’ll make a trip there and I would like you to give me a recommendation. It sure is wonderful

My two favorites are Real Food Daily, that’s more casual. The second is more fun, but you need a reservation. It is called Crossroads.

56 I know the music is very important in your life (as for me) and you have a music project on the way … I love everything I’ve heard for social networks (your channel you tube, GI, etc. .) For when finally you will get the album? Which groups have inspired you say that to carry out such a project? You have in mind any particular date? A big hug; Glory

Thank you for the good comments. I finished the album in a while, but I’m not sure publish it, but thank you for being kind.

57 At some point in your life you had a creative crisis? How did you get over or do you recommend to overcome it?

Fortunately this has never happened to me, luckily there are a lot of inspiration in the world to avoid boredom.

58 I love your photos on Instagram. Like you take care of your aesthetic?

Yes, I am in charge of all my Instagram photos.


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Kat Von D Beauty Launches in the Middle East

Middle East Instagram makeup obsessives rejoice! Kat Von D Beauty is finally here! The Hollywood body inking icon and makeup guru came to Dubai this week to introduce her eponymous makeup brand to the region. Needless to say, thanks to social media, her much-coveted products need no introduction and already have a cult following. 

“I’ve never designed a range with anyone in particular in mind,” she said as we sat down for a chat, post-launch event, “but it seems that just by chance that me and the women of the Middle East are soul mates. They’re not shy of a bold eye and lip and that reflects the Kat Von D aesthetic.”

Not only is she a fierce entrepreneur set on world makeup domination, Kat Von D is actually a passionate and vocal advocate for environmental causes who cares about the effects of human consumption on the earth. She’s avidly against animal testing and even refuses to buy products from other brands that have been tested on animals- no matter how much she loves them. “I just can’t bring myself to do it, it’s like voting “yes” and saying you’re ok with it.”

As for her products, they’re paraben-, fragrance- and oil-free and everything has been designed with longevity and effectiveness in mind. Foundations and concealers provide 24 hours of full coverage whilst the powder contouring palette is so easy to use, it’s impossible to make a mistake.

The range of colours and textures across the lip collections is impressive. Varying from opaque matte reds and pinks to creamy blacks and even greens, there’s literally something for everyone. The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is officially one of the best lip colours I have ever tried. It’s beautifully pigmented, buildable and comfortable on the lips with no drying or cracking even after hours of wear. And let me tell you, this stuff will give you hours and HOURS of flawless, velvety wear.

Kat Von D Beauty is available from September exclusively in Sephora stores across the Middle East.



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Kat Von D, Tattoo Artist

Famous for her mastery of all things ink, Kat Von D is breaking the mould of traditional beauty. After the wild success of her TV show, LA Ink, she has turned her steady and intricate hand to the beauty industry launching a makeup label at Sephora. Kat has a rebellious, artistic approach to all aspects of her life and her self-titled makeup line is no exception. The unique collection features Kat’s own designs and personal touches with products she swears by and uses on herself everyday. 

We caught up with the tattoo queen in her suite at The Four Seasons, when she was in Sydney for the opening of Sephora. When we arrived, she was strumming a song in the window seat and watching the city unfold. After showing us her epic collection of macabre jewellery and a ukelele that she was illustrating for a fan, Kat revealed the secrets behind her unique aesthetic and why she has a particularly DIY-hands-on approach to beauty and health.

“I had a pretty conservative upbringing…

I remember getting caught, just like every other girl, going through mom’s makeup. As a child, my perception of my mom was a beauty queen. She was very beautiful and she really embraced her femininity so I think that would be my first window into beauty. I started doing my own makeup when I was way too young.

I was not a rebellious kid, even though I did have a mohawk when I was fourteen and my parents didn’t like that. I think my parents always saw brilliance beneath the stuff that scared them; they knew I was a good kid. Now we look back and laugh at those times because my parents are scared about nothing, really.

I never imagined having a makeup line…
I loved makeup for a long time, so it was very surreal. There’s so much handcrafted love that goes into it. I’ve drawn everything in it, from the artwork that you see on the outside of the packaging to the components themselves. I like that; I take pride in being part of the entire creative process. Sephora is usually pretty supportive of my ideas and have faith, and the more rogue ideas are the ones that end up being hits. I definitely use my tattoo liner every single day. The component itself is amazing. Hundreds of bristles in the brush, we worked so hard on the formula itself, I’ve never met an eyeliner like it.

I have my own weird style…
I don’t want to dress like everybody else.  I’m inspired by a lot of things in the Victorian era a lot. That’s probably my biggest form of fashion inspiration. I’m usually buying things and have to alter it myself. Actually in Australia, you guys have a lot of great designers like Valley Eyewear, my favourite sunglasses. Hopeless Lingerie is from here, which I love. I collect a lot of vintage stuff. Blood Milk has always been my favourite [jewelry company]. There’s this other company called Macabre Gadgets, they’re Italian, all hand-sculpted stuff.

I’m into getting down to the grit and grime of skincare…
I truly believe when it comes to skin it’s far more important to treat it from the inside out, rather the outside. You can put all the creams you want and sure, it can help exfoliation and things like that but if you’re eating shit, you’re gonna have shitty skin. One of my favorite books is called, “Feed Your Face” by Dr. Jessica Wu, she’s a nutritionist and dermatologist from L.A. She’s my dermatologist and I very rarely get breakouts.

I do it all myself…
I loathe having to get my hair done in a salon, plus I’ve also been doing my own hair since I was a kid. I discovered this Japanese henna dye. It’s really, really cool. It’s super potent. I hate when they hire makeup artists. I feel bad, like you’re not going to do anything but sit there. Same with stylists, no need for that.  I like to collect different products that inspire me from other brands outside my own. I like to take artistic approaches to things. The cool thing about makeup is that it’s ever-changing and ever-evolving and it’s like fashion in the sense that it’s seasonal and my makeup changes depending on my mood.

I try to eat macrobiotics…
It’s the cleanest form of food. Macrobiotics here in Sydney would be different today like if I were eating macrobiotics here right now, my lunch would be different in the U.S. I’m really big into gardening now, I started learning how to grow my own vegetables and stuff. I have everything from corn to pumpkins to spinach to kale, tomatoes, four different kinds of tomatoes. I love growing things from seed, they’re like my babies.”

Interview by Sigourney; photography by Daniel Gurton; story by Ahtra Elnashar

VIEW PICTURES: here || here

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Inked Australia


Upfront and unapologetic, Kat Von D’s refreshing approach to discussing the world left us renewed. Far from simply preaching facts and figures from a press release, one of the industry’s best-known artists stands against those who mean harm to others, while encasing her fans in love and praise.

Inked: You’re in Australia to meet your fans and for the launch of Sephora and your make-up line here; is Australia living up to your expectations?

Kat Von D: I don’t think I had any expectations of Australia. Every single interaction I’ve had with an Australian person has been really kind, so that’s good. I’m excited for Australia to finally have Sephora. I don’t know how you’ve been doing it this whole time, like how do you get stuff?

I used this [trip] as a great way to actually meet my fans. It’s my first time
in this country. I am acutely aware of my following here and it’s not like I felt like I owed it, but it was something that I selfishly wanted to do. Ultimately that was my first goal, coming to do the meet and greet.


You do have a lot of quite full-on fans!
It’s science; my fans are the best! I don’t even like calling them fans because I don’t see them that way. They write me letters saying, “You’re a big inspiration” and they have no idea… I feel the same about them.

They keep me on my toes, [laughing] it’s like, “Shit, I better hit the drawing board to keep up with these guys” – they’re so talented. I’m a huge advocate for handwritten stuff. In the US they’ve stopped teaching handwriting. When I first got wind of that my heart literally broke. That cannot be! What are people’s signatures going to be like? I’m already not impressed with them as it is.


What will they sign, Xs? And what of drawing skills if you can’t hold a pencil?
It’s so interesting because I always have my drawing stuff with me and I do a sketch a day. When I landed here I was almost out of pencils and it was a mission to find one here…. The oversaturation of technology – it’s a good thing, but it also encumbers creative thought and being able to delve deeper into things.

One of my favourite modern day painters is [Odd] Nerdrum. He’s Norwegian and he’s a figurative painter so he paints in the old masters’ style. He stretches his own canvases and is very traditional. He has a book called Refugee and there is a quote in there about how art is the last truth in humanity and I thought, “If that’s the remaining truth then it’s sad because what people call art now is laughable”. But I think it is a direct reflection of society and humanity in general and – without sounding too much like a ‘Debbie Downer’ because I don’t think it speaks for everybody – people are living on a certain superficial wavelength that does not withstand the test of time. So at this point, one of two things will happen, well, I think: it’s either going to get worse or people will finally get fed up. And I think they are starting to get fed up and are starting to crave that quality again.


People pushing back from it all?
Yes. They start to learn how to play music again, stop being famous because you’re obnoxious on YouTube – versus having a talent.


Having skills!
Yes! There are no heroes anymore! I don’t have a modern day hero. They’re all dead.


I meet so many people and it’s rare for people to actually have something to say. It sort of all gets mixed up in clutter.
I think for me, with the make-up line, I get torn because I know exactly what my intentions are when I’m creating the line, which is to create these tools that will give people a means to be able to express themselves in an artful-minded way if they want to. Or you can follow trends too, if you want to. But the ones that count for me, in my book, are the girls and boys who use the make-up and it literates them on that frequency, which that meet and greet was a confirmation of.

I save every single letter that I receive from fans, but I forwarded one to my support team going, “If we ever feel like giving up, let’s revert back to this letter”. This girl told me how alone she felt in a world where you don’t feel you can relate and something as little as an eye shadow palette or a lipstick can make you feel less alien. I love that because I didn’t have that.

Like trying to get a black lipstick growing up…
[laughs] I wore eyeliner!


We had to import it all! Did you always have a fascination with make-up?
I wore it all! At way too young an age, of course! But my approach to make-up is never to emulate someone’s style or change my existing look. Contouring, for example, I have a contour palette coming out and I struggled with it because I like the idea of being able to use this ‘formula’ to create the optical illusion of, say, making your cheekbones appear higher, but it would be an absolute nightmare if people walked away thinking that the message was “Hey, change who you are!” I think most people contour when they don’t need to, they’re perfect the way they are. But if you want to have fun and get dramatic… personally I like myself best without any make-up, but I enjoy putting it on. It’s fun, do you know what I mean?

Take me to an art store or a make-up store and it’s the same thing; my eyes always go to glitter [laughter]. Make-up shouldn’t be taken that seriously in that sense, it should be fun. It shouldn’t be about confirming this bullshit ideology that people are a slave to.


Most Australians don’t know about Sephora…
You guys barely know! You’re finally getting to know Sephora. We [Kat Von D make-up] celebrated seven years and counting and it’s gotten so crazy. It’s grown so dramatically in a pleasantly surprising way. Everyone asks, “Is this a dream come true?” and I’m not even sure I ever had this on my radar as a dream to have. But when the opportunity did arise it was very exciting. It was when I was about 22 and I just got Miami Ink. I haven’t owned a TV in like 19 years now, I’m pretty anti-TV, so when the show aired I had to gauge the response by how people treated me in public. This was also in the time of MySpace, pre Twitter and all that stuff. All I knew was that girls were asking, “What red is that?” and I think once Sephora picked up on that curiosity they were like, “Who is this girl Kat?” They had never collaborated with someone that wasn’t a make-up artist before.

I remember sitting in a room with my creative team – which is still the same team today, they’re like family to me – and they asked me, “What do you like?” I was like, “Where do you want me to start?” And they said, “Okay, let’s start with the four most perfect shades of lipstick.” I was like Oh. My. God. Four! I thought we were just going to make a lipstick. And now I’ve lost count, the last release of new colour extensions was 30. It’s really amazing to see. I’m never going to have kids so it’s hard to have that metaphor, but I’ve planted seeds and to see them take shape and life is something so beautiful.


The packaging is so beautiful, down to every detail.
I micro manage all of it. I could do the lazy thing and sign a contract and licensing deal and then they put my name on something, and the person who should take credit for their success is therefore the assistants. But with me, I am the one that shows up to every meeting, I test all of the formulas ahead of time, I give notes with the shade and I come up with the concepts. Every single piece of artwork that you see is all done by me, so this is definitely a direct labour of love. It comes from my brain and into reality.


It’s a passion project?
Yes, and I know that most of those things are such subtle details that go over most people’s heads, but when I meet my fans and they say, “Did you name Bachelorette after Bjork?” and I’m like, “Yes, that’s my favourite Bjork song and I love it that you know that!” Coral Castle was a popular from the old collection and if people Google ‘Coral Castle’ they’ll find the most amazing story of all time, and they do!

At the signing I was taken aback when people brought their H.P. Lovecraft books. I’ve named so many shades after my favourite authors and to be in the same sentence – as in, they think about me when they read that – is the biggest compliment!

It’s the little details – the skulls and roses for me – that are the most appealing.
Yes, and I think for me, coming from the world of tattooing. If you come to my shop there is absolutely no flash on the wall, my team and I create everything from our minds. I don’t think it’s important to emulate things that have already been done. I think it’s much more admirable and productive to be a pioneer than to follow a trend. It also gets boring to reinvent that wheel. But when I approach a tattoo, the client comes in and they have an idea and we collaborate. If two people come in with the same idea it’s going to look different based off the composition of the body and their muscle structure, so I kind of see that we when start designing the palettes. That rose pattern that you like really isn’t a pattern at all. Like the Louis Vuitton pattern is just stamped on with various measurements between the monograms, whereas with these [make-up packaging designs] I’m given the measurements for each component and I design it to that – just like a tattoo. So, I think that’s why everything feels right. There are no weird seams.


With all this how do you get time to tattoo?
I tattoo pretty regularly actually. When I’m back home I’m at the shop nearly every day, if not to tattoo then just to be there. I love my guys, they’re like the brothers I never had. It’s fun. I don’t really work. I’ve never worked, which is why I’ve never taken a vacation. There is no need for it. Work is photoshoots, stuff that I don’t want to do. But the action of creating is not work for me, it’s just fun.


It’s just what you do!
Yeah, so how do I balance, or find time to have fun! I’m selfish in that way. It’s hard when I’m travelling … after a month of being away from the shop I start getting really weird and moody [laughs]; like a fish out of water. Because of the success of the TV show I get pigeonholed, but really tattooing is probably one of the smaller things on my array of creative spectrum. I’ve been playing classical music since I was five years old and I think that is a more innate outlet for me than anything else. And the drawing I do every day, plus my make-up and I sew…


How do you marry the brand of ‘Kat Von D’ and people’s expectations of you, with you just being you?
There is a terrible programming that is happening now … which is social media and this sense of entitlement. The older I get the less empathy I have towards people with that mentality. I think it is lunacy that people see the illusionary effects of fame and think that it makes you different somehow. I’m not complaining by any means, but I’m not in agreeance with it. I don’t think there is a difference between myself and anybody else. There is nothing special about me and there is nothing special about you, there is nothing special about any of us … for me it’s finding the balance between me being too sensitive, and being able to let go and not care as much. I’m having an easier time now and have set some boundaries.

I can understand it when people do things that I think are inappropriate, but I don’t put up with it anymore. I don’t think it’s okay to find out where I live and come to my house. I think when you sit outsides somebody’s hotel that it’s inappropriate. It doesn’t mean I don’t understand what you’re doing, I still love you, but I like my privacy. I think I’ve done a pretty good job, and I reply to many fans and give them intentional time on my social media and stuff, but I can’t say I enjoy it. Instagram is my biggest pet peeve. I like Twitter because you can directly respond to things, with Instagram people don’t read the caption. I can say, “Here’s a picture of my cat” and they think it says: “Hey tell me what you think about my cat”. And I’m offended that you think your opinion matters or should be heard, because it shouldn’t. People think they’re entitled to an opinion and I hate that mentality. I think it’s wrong. If I was to walk around and tell people what I think of their tattoos off the top of my head I’d make so many enemies, but the truth of the matter is I don’t care. I think whatever makes you happy. If I was asked if I think they should get that tattoo, then it might be a different answer, but I love people as they are! I also feel like there is no point in fighting it.

I’ve seen that a lot over the years. When we started the magazine, social media was polite. Now when we put up a cover people are just plain rude. It’s “she’s too big”, “she’s too small”, “she’s this or that”… No, she’s beautiful! It doesn’t matter what size she is…
I see that too and I can never win! My idea of beautiful is so different to the conventional, especially what women are self-imposing right now. Even coming here it’s interesting, because I read a press release, and I don’t even know where they got these pictures, but I fluctuate in weight 15 pound here and there. Personally I am cursed, because if I lose 15 pounds my boobs and my arse are gone, but I’m toned and fit. Right now I’m on the upper side of things – which I like, I love my womanly body – and my face is chubbier but I’ve never had plastic surgery… “Oh my god, she’s changed”, but Australia, you’re watching my TV show from when I was 22. But hey, I think I’m doing ok. Whatever changes you see on my face they are no fault to any doctor, just Mother Nature. Blame her!

If you like plastic surgery, then that’s cool for you, I don’t even care. But personally, I’ve looked forward to my 50s since I was little. That’s what I always imagined would be my golden decade. I can’t wait to see what that looks like. I feel being able to gracefully age has more sexiness
and sophistication.

There is no room in my life for ‘woe is me’ because I look at people who work in a cubicle and think the same dynamics happen. There is no difference than to what it’s like in high school. I perceived high school as training to deal with the social circles you’re going to have to endure in your adult life till you die. Even in the retirement home you’re going to get the drama. The only difference is that people talk shit about me in tabloids. I don’t read them so
I don’t care. I get bad comments, but I get more good comments.

I was watching a documentary the other day and Australia has the number one highest rate of suicide due to cyberbullying, which I was shocked at because I though we would beat you for sure. In my mind I thought, “I wonder what the solution is?” They were like, “We’ve gotta figure out this law…” There is no law that can change the root of the problem, which is how we bring up our kids. It always comes down to that: why would you be mean to someone. It isn’t rocket science… why can’t we be nicer to each other? I was blessed with parents who taught me to never feel that way towards others. Going back to my cat, because that’s a lighthearted example, if I post a picture of my cat I always get bad comments because my cats don’t have hair, and it’s so awful. The amount of energy people use is baffling. If you posted something that I though was disgusting there is zero part of me – and even more so if I’ve never met you – that would need to tell you what I think. It’s weird.


I’m a big advocate for the idea that it takes as much effort to tell someone that you love their work, or their music, as it take to be negative – so go tell someone you’ve inspired them!
I think it has more to do with what we’ve become versus the actual words we’re saying. I’m not impressed with people’s grammar and their $10 vocabulary so that’s already a problem. Lack of consciousness – and you see it in the way people walk, which is probably why I hate airports so much. It may not be a big deal for you to look left before you walk, but it shows no consideration for your surroundings [when you don’t]. Zoom out to the bigger picture and this planet; we’re so undeserving of everything we have and selfishly living in a state of denial.


So true… So anyway, the make-up line is cool! [laughs]



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Okay, so this is super awesome… So excited to announce my interview with Kat Von D! I’ve always admired Kat for her unique and distinct sense of style in everything she does. For those that may be living under a rock, Kat is way more than just a super talented tattoo artist… Kat is an all around true artist. Personally, I’m a huge fan of her makeup line with Sephora. I own several of her products, but my essentials are her tattoo liquid liner and studded kiss homegirl lipstick. The eyeliner stays on all day and is easy to use. Also, her makeup tutorials are extremely helpful, especially if you’re as inept as I am with painting a perfect cat eye (this tutorial helped me out a ton). Oh, and that lipstick will last you through breakfast, lunch and dinner.. I’m not exaggerating, usually I make a mess of my lipstick after drinking one glass of water. Undeniably, Kat Von D is a one-of-a-kind tattooed beauty! Without further ado, read on to learn more about what inspires Kat and see how she will inspire you.

xx Frankie

Name: Kat Von D

Who’s your style icon?

Who/what inspired you to do what you do?
So many things inspire me, and all in different ways.  Some of my biggest muses are Mother Nature, architecture, the Amish, music, philosophy and heartbreak.

What up-and-coming band/artist should we all know about? 
Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of IAMX – but i think it’s safe to say they are beyond up and coming.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
Although I am an obsessive compulsive collector, especially when it comes to artfully-minded fashion, I have to admit I don’t exactly enjoy the process of physically shopping.  I tend to be a hermit, and not wanna leave the house a lot of the times, so I’d say a majority of my shopping I tend to do online.  Mostly, I’m always on the hunt for rare Victorian and Edwardian pieces.  But I’d say Etsy is probably the place I tend to hit up the most!

What’s the last movie you saw?
“What We Do In The Shadows”

Where is your favorite place to eat?
Well, I do eat within a vegan lifestyle, so I’d say its a toss up between Crossroads Kitchen and Real Food Daily (as far as local LA vegan restaurants go).

Describe your perfect day
Uninterrupted quiet. Creative productivity.  My two hairless cats.  Overcast.

Beatles or Rolling Stones? 
Ludwig Van Beethoven.

What’s your favorite app? 
Star Walk!

What are you currently working on?
One million things at once (as usual)!  But all of them can basically be summed up into the following categories:  art, my Tattoo Shop (High Voltage Tattoo), makeup, music, gardening, writing, and filming.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
If you are unhappy – change it.

If you don’t already follow Kat on everything (I do, so should you)

May 11th, 2015 via Frankie’s Planet Blog