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“I don’t believe in natural talent, but hard work”

Has a curriculum level the number of tattoos that aposentan on his arms: is model, painter, author of three books of success (the last one , ‘Go big or go home’, was published now just over three years ago), singer, designer clothes andmakeup , tattoo artist (his hands have the power to sculpt star tattoos the ‘star system’ of the likes of Beyoncé or Jared Leto) and has also participated in several reality shows American like ‘Miami Ink’ or ‘lA Ink’, focused on creation their own tattoo studio. Aesthetically straddles girl ‘pin-up’ and a rebel ‘rockabilly’, Katherine Von Drachemberg (Mexico, 1982), aka Kat Von D , is the closest thing to a feminine and contemporary version of a Renaissance man.

Now, eight years after creating its line of cosmetics for Sephora and only one after landing in Spain, returns to Spain to present new products to add to its collection: from the Interestellar palette to a size mini your name ‘liner tattoo’, all characterized by its long duration and obtaining full coverage. Between ‘eye liners’ and lip of all colors and for having gotten me confesses that “to be beautiful do not need makeup.”And maybe that closeness and innate joy that characterizes it is one of the ingredients that explain the recipe for success (in Instagram already has more than five million ‘followers’ and at the gates of the hotels that treads expect tens of killing people by becoming a ‘selfie’ with her).

It marks one year since Kat Von D Beauty landed in Spain and remains a bestseller. What is your secret?
        My line is very different from others because it has been developed by a computer. The initial idea, art that surrounds it and the            ‘packaging’ are not the result of a computer process, but a hard work carried out by people.And I think that customers really value.
Sores, ‘eye liners’, pallets and even bars liquid lips. What is for you the ‘must’ of its line?
          It’s a question I always! It’s very difficult to answer because I use them all, but I think I’ll stick with the red lipstick.
What is your daily beauty routine?
         I do not do anything special. My aesthetics and style makeup will vary day to day. Sometimes I maquillo inspired me a song that             will not stop ringing in my head, a new product that I discovered or a picture I’ve seen in a museum. Everything depends on the               day you have.
Any secret of beauty (in) confesable?
          None. I have no secret. I think confidence is very sexy. No matter if you wear makeup or not, the important thing is to feel                           comfortable with your skin.Many women are very complicated issue, but I always feel comfortable with both makeup and                         without it.
So it is in favor of free natural beauty makeup?
          Yes of course. For me the makeup is an art, I do not see it as part of the beauty world. I equate to the drawing, fashion, tattoos …            In the end, the important thing is that you feel good about herself.
Is there some kind of makeup that never would?
         Any. That’s something I like about the world of makeup when I compare with tattoos. When you maquillas do not have to think              too much aboutwhether or not to certify thee, because ultimately you what you can remove. You can try different styles that                    have never used and end of the day it off and go back to being the same person, which does not happen with tattoos. There are                some styles that I do not like, but it is a personal matter. I do not criticize anyone who likes other different styles to mine.
His line is, like you, vegan. Do you think people are more aware of the rights of animals?
         Totally. The world is learning a lot about the role of animals, and this is very important. I like to promote this message, as it is very           important, not only for me but for the whole society.

Today we are witnessing a proliferation of all ‘youtubers’ beauty and, apparently, makeup is more fashionable than ever. How do we value?
              Social networks and new technologies can be good and bad at the same time. Before people could watch programs and read                     magazines and look at the makeup. Now, thanks to Youtube, we can follow anyone we want. The bad part of this issue is the                    negative people who are on the network, but that does not get tarnish its positive side. I’m not an artist make – up , do not know            disguise others. I only know my face, and tutorials available on theInternet help us get us out party.

He says it is not an expert makeup, but tattoo. What he has served his experience as a tattoo artist when developing its line?
Much. The makeup line would not be possible without my experience as atattoo artist. Makeup artists are because they know how to draw. Being tattoo artist has allowed me to understand the structure of the face, which, in turn, helps me understand how they should be cosmetics .
A good make-up artist, born or made?
A good artist always made, not born. I do not believe in natural talent, but in hard work, in any field. The school is very good to learn things, but it is not always necessary. To engage in the world of makeup , like any kind of art, the important thing is to practice every day.
Let’s talk about your tattoos. How many do you have?
I’ve never been able to count them because I have so many that now form one. What I do know is that I have already tattooed over 30 artists throughout the world.
And the Beethoven?
I have five! I started playing the piano with just five years. My grandmother was a professional pianist and taught my brothers and me. Music is almost like one of my best friends, I like it even more than drawing. When I’m home I like to play the piano for two hours a day. I love classical music, especially Beethoven, Mozart and Bach. And it’s very funny, because influencing everything I do. Beethoven is a big part of my life and it’s like my hero.
Could you opt for any of your tattoos?
My favorite is the picture of my father [is the bust of his tattooed on his right forearm parent], who is my best friend. I like having him around because I can watch anytime. It is also his favorite tattoo (laughs). I like all my tattoos, but certainly I’ll take this.

September 29th, 2016 by IVÁN AVELLO

Kat von D an artist “skin”

I met her yesterday at a meeting scheduled since it would be the emcee of Make Up Masters Sephora and she is the image and soul of the line associated with the prizes: . Kat Von D Beauty
I acknowledge that I knew nothing about it until 48 hours ago when I began to see their interviews with Ellen Degeneres and Letterman ; these and some fragments of reality shows in their centers tattoo that catapulted the American stardom. On YouTube I found nearby and professional but from my experience I know that these examples do not always agree with reality.

Kat Von D is an artist and a disciplined businesswoman.Vegana, orderly, shy and curious, sexy and close. But above all, stress that woman is a very affectionate . I do not mean talk about an hour we kept talking about Madrid, Spanish artists or life in LA but by the warm and intense hugs with which he received the winners of Make Up Masters .


In our talk we also talk about tattoos and my lack of courage to bring an indelible memory in my skin. She totally black smiling at me with his face full of tattooed stars. I dressed in white and without a single tattoo. As she told me, one of every three women in the US are tattooed,“before the original was, now you” . This sentence illustrates that love of Kat Von D . A rhythmic tenderness for her Mexican accent when speaking Spanish, her laugh showing me the sweet smell that has put their rods lip, his pride in the artistic packaging made (the lipstick inspired by a spiked bracelet is my favorite). Kat Von D is a consistent artist. Although it might seem otherwise, no makeup but what is shown to the world from the strength of a popular phenomenon that will not stay in that. As her tattoos, she will endure.

September 29th, 2016 by Raquel Sanchez Silva

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An Exclusive Look at a Major Beauty Collab in the Making

Behind the Scenes of the upcoming palette and some tutorials on how to wear them!

For daytime wear, it’s all about Too Faced’s sweet side of the shadow palette.

Step 1: Prep eyes with primer.Step 2: Apply BFF, a light shimmery nude, on the brow bone.Step 3: Apply Friendspiration, a gold, into the crease and outer edges of the eye and down to the lower lid.Step 4: Using Heart of Gold, press (don’t sweep) the greenish hue onto the lid and into the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 5: Mix Power Couple, a dark copper, and Better Together, a dark brown. Using a liner brush and starting from the outer corner of the eyes, apply the blend to the lashline until you reach the middle of the eye—then diffuse the darker color into the rest of eye, creating more dimension.

Step 6: Apply three generous coats of mascara.

Ready for after-hours? Flip the palette over to the Kat Von D side.Step 1: Use Yours, a matte gray, to create a smoky line under the eye.Step 2: Starting from the outer corner, apply Devotion, a dark black, to the lash line to add more definition.Step 3: Apply Lovestruck, a shimmery gold, to the inner corner of the eye, diffusing out under the smoky under-eye to add a little bit of light.

Step 4: Emphasize the shadow with a fierce cat-eye.

Step 5: Add some blush, a blood-red lipstick and voilà.

That’s what we call teamwork.


Glamour Magazine UK

Kat Von D on the UK launch of her makeup line, tattoos & important beauty lessons…

  • By Rebecca Fearn  || Monday, 12 September 2016

Rebecca Fearn sat down with tattooing legend Kat Von D to discuss the long-awaited UK launch of her makeup line, Kat Von D Beauty…

Congratulations on bringing the line to the UK – what do you think are the absolute must-have products in your range?

That’s so impossible to answer! I use everything I have ever created. But I do love red lipstick so I would say- depending on what formulas people like – the everlasting lipstick range. The reds in there are some of my favourites.

And then as far as eyeliner goes, the tattoo liner is so amazing and precise. Even if sometimes I feel like drawing in my eyebrows I can use this. I think those two are my absolute go-to favourites.

What is it about the UK that made you want to sell your range here?

I wanted to bring the range to the UK since I first launched but unfortunately you guys don’t have Sephora here. It took us so long to really find the right partner but now we’re with Debenhams it’s been so exciting because I feel like I have definitely found my match for the UK so now we can launch here.

What are your desert island beauty hero products?

A red lipstick and an eyeliner!

Are there any important beauty lessons you have learnt on the way?

It’s always interesting when you find out how something is made. When I was tattooing in the first tattoo shop I worked in when I was 15 years old I was told I had to make a tattoo machine. The idea of machinery really turned me off but I sat through really boring videos and a lot of trial and error and I made a crappy machine. But it wasn’t about making the machine, it was about understanding how it works so when I was using my tattoo machine I could listen to it and see if it ran a certain way.

So the lesson works the same way now. So when I first launched my fragrance I sat with the nose who wrote down the notes and taught me how to actually smell perfume and since then I have never smelt perfume the same! Even with lipstick and eyeliner and formulations – understanding how the different components distribute the pigment will play in big part in what I am making. So I think learning about how something is made shows you how you can use your tools.

What makes your makeup line stand out from others?

There’s definitely this unapologetic approach to colours and shades but I don’t think that’s what makes it that unique. I think what it is is my DNA within all aspects of it. You see tons of licensing deals with people who just stick their name on something and then collect the cheque. But for me it is super important to be a part of it and when I first designed the studded kiss component which is the studs I just drew that out on a piece of paper and through hard carved moulds and things we finally came to the final version. I remember holding it in my hand and thinking there was a certain familiarity a certain sense of, you know, Kat Von D beauty is blowing up but it’s still something that goes down to grass roots of a do-it yourself approach. I think that really resonates with people. When people hold the product they see the artwork and it’s very personal. That’s what makes it stand out the most.

If you could only have one beauty look for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A cat eye and a red lip for sure!

How do you get ideas for your line and where do you pull inspiration from?

Ideas are something I really don’t have a shortage of so it’s easy to constantly create stuff. If my team let me I would release a lot more in the time that we do spend. I’m inspired by everything! From elements of nature to past experiences in love like in heartbreak. It’s everything from my art background to my Latin heritage – all these things play important roles in inspiring me. We throw trend predictions out the window – I don’t even care what’s going on in the real world!

Rebecca with Kat@Beautyandtheb Instagram

You obviously flew a long way to get to London from LA – what are your best in-flight beauty tips? What is your regime?

Hydrating! Just drink so much water. I have known from my years flying that if I don’t drink water I just get super dry skin. I take my makeup off for the flight usually and wash my face – doesn’t everyone?

We’re big fans of tattoos at GLAMOUR – do you have any advice for those wanted to get inked but not sure of where to start?

The best advice I could give anybody thinking about getting a tattoo – especially for a first timer – is really make an effort to research your artist. With the success of talent shows and everything, there are so many tattooers out there. There are a lot of really great people and there are a lot of hacks so I think just because someone has a tattoo shop, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good. So the beauty of the internet now is that everyone has online portfolios to check out. Don’t be afraid to travel too, I have travelled across the ocean to be tattooed before and saved my money for it and waited patiently on a very long waiting list. I just think at the end of the day if you’re going to wear something forever it’s not like a purse that will go out in a season. You really want to make sure you find the right person. And not just someone that is a great tattooer but someone that gets you and understands you.

What’s your favourite tattoo?

My Dad on my arm – I love my Dad so much, he’s my best friend. So this is his graduation photo – when I got it, he wasn’t necessarily a fan of tattoos but this one above all won his heart over!  Even on trips like this when I don’t get to see him, it’s nice to take your Dad with you wherever you go.

London Press Release Live

July 6th, 2016 at 9:30am Kat did her first Live Press release on her Facebook
check out Youtube for more videos

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