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UK Meet & Greet

If you don’t know, Kat will be going back to the UK! And she will be doing a meet & greet October 8th! She tweeted this today in regards to it. You can also check the “UPCOMING EVENTS” for more info to your left of the screen ^.^

LONDON! In celebration of @katvondbeauty finally launching in the UK and Ireland, I’ll be doing a meet-n-greet October 8, at @Debenhams on Oxford Street! For those who have left comments/concerns on my Facebook regarding this event – please understand this: I WANT TO MEET EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. In order to do that, @debenhams has been great enough to put together a wristband system which will make wristbands available come Oct. 5. But for all my outta town homies who are planning on arriving the day of the meet-n-greet, DON’T WORRY!! As long as you arrive before noon, you’ll be able to get a wristband and I’ll be able to meet you! So, get those hugs ready!!!


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