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Nikkie Doing Kat’s Make-Up

Watch Nikkie be the first person besides her Beauty Team too put make-up on Kat!

Muse of the Week oo1

Kat has started her “Muse of the Week” and this week is Ashley Sherengo aka lipstickittty
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Here is what Kat had to say about Ashley

OMG! I’m so excited to announce my very first Muse Of The Week: Ashley Sherengo [aka @lipstickittty]!

I’ve been stalking Ashley’s Instagram forever and am so in love with her approach to lip looks! What I love the most from filming this tutorial with her, is that Ashley is truly innovative, figuring out neat approaches to make using whatever is laying around!

She’s like the McGeyver of makeup! 😉 Anyway, I just wanna thank Ashley from the bottom of my heart for being my very first victim, and coming over and sharing her beauty secrets with me and with you all!

And if you guys are smart, you’ll look her up on Instagram and on her YouTube channel and follow the hell out of her!

Ashley Sherengo:
Instagram: lipstickittty
YouTube: lipstickittty
Snapchat: ashkittty



NEW TUTORIAL! Sorta xD watch Kat do “POINTILLISM Makeup!”

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BEAUTY CHAT oo1 What Is Your First Makeup Memory

Kat’s FIRST Beauty Chat was “premiered” today at noon! if you haven’t seen it here it is! I will be starting a “Kat’s Beauty Chat” Playlist on my Youtube channel for all her chats in one place!

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Live Face Projection Mapping with Kat Von D

If you haven’t seen, this is an image projection of Kat von D at the launch in Sephora Spain



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