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Andrew Stuart with Leica Camera

Q: Most of the images in this portfolio convey the intensity of the environment in which you operate. An obvious example is the image which shows a guy screaming or maybe belting out a song, but it’s evident even in relatively “quiet” pictures like the one of a sensual young woman putting on makeup, or the one of a tattooed young woman writing in a notebook. What do you think accounts for this and do you consciously try to capture this intensity or does it just happen?

The third one is of tattoo artist Kat Von D, working on lyrics for an album she’s currently working on. Sometimes I’m conscious of these moments, but even when they just happen and there’s an aspect of luck involved, I’m still aware of my surroundings, my camera settings, and as ready as possible for whatever might happen. I actually borrow some techniques from street photography, like always pre-setting my camera in advance, so I’m not fumbling around and potentially missing a moment.

Q: This image is of a young woman standing next to a microphone seems to concentrate on the sound-recording equipment itself, but it somehow manages to convey the essence of her experience quite effectively. Why do you think this is so, and what were you thinking when you pressed the shutter release?

A: This is of Kat Von D recording vocals for the album she’s working on. I positioned myself so the light on the wall opposite me was directly behind the microphone; I liked the way it gave almost a halo effect to the mic and really separated it from the wall. I like the juxtaposition of the elaborate hard lines of the microphone standing out against the soft light in the room, and her pensive look. She particularly loves this image and asked me to include it.

Q: Do you have any plans for collecting your music studio images into a print or online book, or for exhibiting these images at galleries or other venues going forward?

A: There’s been talk about possibly doing something with the Foo Fighters images and Leica; still working on that. Some prints of my Mick Fleetwood images may soon be available at his restaurant on Maui, Fleetwood’s on Front Street. I’m talking with Slayer about possibly doing some sort of collection, maybe a book, to go along with their 2015 album release. It’s not music studio stuff, but you can find many of my Kat Von D images in her most recent book, “Go Big Or Go Home.” Another photographer shot the studio portraits and I shot the photos of Kat tattooing in her shop, High Voltage Tattoo.

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