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Here are some questions I have come across through out my years of running Kat von D Unlimited. Still need to ask a question? email it to me katvondunlimited@hotmail.com or you can ask me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram and I’ll do my best to answer ^.^

Are you official?
No. And there are no officials fan clubs. If you see one saying otherwise please let me know & I will confirm with Kat

Do you know Kat Von D?
You must to if you are here 😉 if you mean personally, yes.

will you ask Kat something for me?
No, sorry. But you can take your luck on Twitter or Instagram

have you met Kat Von D?
Yes I have! April 22nd, 2013 I met her in Toronto on her last book tour!

I started/run a Kat von D [social] page, can you get her to follow me?
Sorry, no. I cannot make Kat von D follow anybody.

Give me Kat’s email so I can message her.

do accept submissions?
Yes, anything Kat von D fant art!

Why don’t you follow other fansites?
it’s for my own “protection” sorta speak. You’d be surprise at how much I hate I used to get when I started. No so much now. But I used to get “you are copying [page]” and some not so nice things. But what people don’t know is I have been around longer and in fact, on Tumblr especially, most adopted the idea of posting her social media posts along with the date. When I started KVDU I didn’t really know what I was gunna do until it dawned on me to post [was just twitter at the time] her twitter/IG stuff so those that don’t have either can see them on Tumblr.

Another is posting same pictures. I’d get flack for that but since I don’t follow any, I don’t know what is being posted. So if i do “post same picture” it’s by luck I guess.

Why can’t you be like other pages and post less a day? 
All I have to say is, don’t follow me then. You like what other pages do then follow them. I can and will post 0-infinity a day. And because I do like to this I have branched out into different pages for kat sketches/fan art, beauty/decor/fashion & Black & White pictures. Put even with this, I will do what I want on Kat von D Unlimited. Nobody is making you follow me and you have the free will to unfollow me =]

Why do you watermark your pictures?
I call it “tagging” watermark to me is on photography lol in the design world I have been [msn groups now aimoo roleplaying] we call it “tag” For the most part on Social Media I am only doing it so people know where it came from. I am in no way trying to “claim” them. And on my edits, i put it on there so people know who made them. I also found since tagging them, not so many people take them & repost lol funny how that works eh?

does Kat Von D smoke?
I am unsure, it’s been back and forth. One minute she isn’t then I see pictures of her smokin’ and so on, does it really matter though lol

why is Kat removing her sister’s portrait?
I don’t know why. In an interview she said to make room for new stuff =]

why doesn’t Kat speak of her siblings or mom?
[answered by Kat herself]
Family can be funny. And by funny, I mean disfunctional. As a kid, I always felt so lucky to have been brought up in such a warm and healthy family unit.

But as an adult, relationships can change, and overall dynamics too. I don’t talk much about some of my family. And I know it’s left fans in the dark. All I can say, is that I have nothing but love for my relatives, but sometimes you gotta detach with Love.

Kat doesn’t eat meat?!
she is actually Vegan so she doesn’t eat or use anything containing animal products

when will Kat’s documentary be released?
[answered by Kat herself]
My close friends who have seen it are always telling me to release it. I’m holding on to the documentary. But only for now. It’s not the right time, but I think one day soon, it will be.

The documentary is a product of purity and Love. Over 30 hours worth of footage filmed over a span of 3.5 years. It was never designed to sell or make money. Because the message behind it is special and honest, and important.

So I think that’s why I’m so protective of it for the time being. But I promise you.. One day I will release it, I give you my word.

What happened with Kat’s clothing line & website?
[answered by Kat herself]
The development company I had partnered with ended up not being the right fit. So with the album becoming my main priority I decided to out a temporary hault on the clothing line until I finish the album.

Once that happens my intentions will be to restructure my approach in order to make an even more affordable and equally stylish line – including shoes! 🙂

Why has Kat von D blocked me? I didn’t do anything.
Kat usually blocks any negativity. So if you don’t think you did anything wrong, you might have in a comment & therefore got blocked.

Where can I send fanmail?
you can send fanmail to High Voltage Tattoo for Kat

1259 N. La Brea Avenue
W. Hollywood, CA

is Kat’s product tested on animals?
never has and never will be!

Are all of Kat’s products vegan?
as of right now, no. They are working on it though for when Kat started her beauty line she was unaware Vegan was beyond just eating animal products. You can check here for what is Vegan in her line right now
Here is the answer from Kat von D Beauty Website:

Although the FDA hasn’t established a regulation for what it means to be “vegan,” we define it as as a product that does not contain any animal products or by-products, and has not been tested on animals.

Kat Von D Beauty products marked #VeganAlert indicate that the finished product is vegan.

Are Kat’s products glueten-free?
here is an answer from Kat von D Beauty Website:
Your health and safety are super important to us—we know how serious gluten allergies can be. Kat Von D Beauty products are not intentionally formulated to be gluten-free. Feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions!

I am a make-up artist, can I get free make-up to try?
I have no make-up to give 😉 but i know these are meant for Kat & KVD Beauty. I am not either but I do know just because you are a MUA or have a YT channel you will not automatically get make-up.

I started/run a Kat von D page, can I get free make-up?
Having any kind of Kat von D fan page does not get you free make-up

Kat, do you sell your products…?
I have seen two places so far that has Kat von D Beauty products for sale & have let her know. If you see any place doing this please let me know. Only trusted places that sell KVD Beauty is Sephora, Kat Von D Beauty.com & Debenhams. You never know with other sites if it’d be fake products or if they are even allowed to sell.

Why has Kat von D Beauty blocked me? I didn’t do anything.
Like Kat, KVD BEauty blocks any negativity. So if you don’t think you did anything wrong, you might have in a comment & therefore got blocked.

***** check out more of Kat von D Beauty FAQ’s here

how much does Kat charge for a tattoo?
to my understand she does not charge for tattoos anymore but right now she is finishing tattoos with previous clients

I am going to be in LA and want to meet Kat, can you ask/tell her be at HVT so I can?
I cannot tell Kat to do anything. And as you know, she is a busy woman & may even be out of town

***** Don’t forget to check out HVT FAQ’s anything related to the shop, their hours, staff portfolio’s, etc

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