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Pilar Rubio Interview


  • October 13, 2015 //

It seems incredible, but sometimes in life things happen that even in the best of dreams.This week I experienced one of those magical moments .

A few days ago I received the script for a promotion that had to record in ‘ The Ant ‘ . We had to talk about the line-up of Kat Von D who appeared in Spain. In the script we left Kat put Paul and I ….

The first thing I thought was “have been wrong, how will you be with us Kat recording a publi? She’ll be in Los Angeles, I guess … “.


So I called to make sure what was in the script and I said yes. Kat was coming to the set of ‘The Ant ‘ ! How strong! I admire very much and in fact, if you ask me in interviews that who is my ideal woman , the appointed her. I love the way they dress, makeup, his attitude to life, his character, his creativity, his talent, his tattoos, his love for music, so enterprising that is, how faithful is herself and her style … She and my friend Karen Parra are women I admire most in the world.

For the day of recording the publi arrived and took the opportunity to have a little chat with her ​​in the dressing room . It was really nice, it seemed that he knew of life, made ​​me feel very comfortable , it was very close. And with that he turns to meet what I always say: “the bigger, more humble” . As it happened to me with Phil Anselmo, Al Pacino, Dave Mustaine, Angus Young, Robert de Niro, Sylvester Stallone …


Today we live in a time when if you are a certain profession and do it well and with integrity, you can ensure not only professional success, but also in some cases you can get to become a celebrity. I think in the case of Kat Von D has been a mixture of talent, originality and perseverance : it is not only a great tattoo artist, and obviously has a good nose for business, but also has always been a girl who has been faithful his style , I created an image for himself, plays the piano, had a band, designs clothes, 2 TV …


PR: Well Kat, I brought a shirt from one of your collections will sign for me. I bought a couple of years in your store La Brea in LA.

KVD: Of course! I remember this shirt.

PR: Well, if you want to start with the interview (laughs)

KVD: Sure. Hey, by the way, I love the letter you got that tattoo on his wrist. Who will do it?

PR: Thanks! It is a tattooist here called Rodrigo Galvez and is now winning many awards, but I have no large tattoos, written just a couple of things.

KVD: Well, we should not underestimate that, because the writings tattoos are an art, you know, since there was hardly anyone computers crafted and me has much merit it by hand.It sounds simple but it is very difficult, and you can not make any mistakes. In fact, if you see the whole design of the boxes and packing my makeup, I wanted everything I did was, I same hand.

PR: In the United States several years and you wear your makeup line right?

KVD: Yes, 8 years already.


PR: Actually, it is amazing; but when you get involved in the creative process you because I know you’ve been involved in everything, where do you start, the colors, the ‘packaging’, the product …?

KVD: No, the truth is that I always start with an idea. Sometimes it can be any color or inspiration themes. When I see a collection, it’s more like a story for me, for example, for this release we have called the “Mi Vida Loca” collection, consisting of eye shadow and ‘lipstick’, but for me it is a very special collection for It tells a story that is very different from the other collections I have. Sometimes usually easy, but sometimes it is difficult, for example, I love the ‘lipstick’ in orange and when I pulled some of my collections, many people did not like. However, in later seasons it became fashionable when I already had gotten for 3 years … What I mean is that this is what me inspires me, and I do not care much what the predictions of fashion whether or style, because that comes and goes and I want to do things timeless.

PR: To you it has always liked makeup, very young, have you ever thought about a product that does not exist, or missing and you have wanted to invent?

KVD: Yes, of course, in fact I always think of the line up as very selfish, because if I have this opportunity, I want it to be something that inspires me and sometimes it’s not what everyone He likes, but for me it is important that all products are things I do that I will use. And that’s something that makes me proud, there is no product on the line I do not want to use or ashamed about him (laughs).


PR: Yeah, that’s the most important. It’s like you’re wearing a yellow shade, not many people would dare that.

KVD: Yes, I thought that since we are in Spain and the flag is red with yellow, then he should take the shade of that color (laughs).

PR: Well, you is great (laughs). And what is the flagship product of your collection? I know I have affection for them all, but there may be one that is more special for you.

KVD: I think I have “star” in different categories, but in the US for example there is an eyeliner called “Tattoo Liner”, which people love and if it is true that changed perspective consumer had the eyeliner (somehow) because some people do not dare to use eyeliner, but this component makes it so simple and the formula is spectacular then people liked it a lot.Also the foundation, which is long lasting and pretty well covered, the formula flipa me and is something that has worked quite well. It comes in handy for example if you work all day and do not have time to touch.


PR: Well, I do not know if you have your bag here, but wanted to know if there is something you always carry in your bag. A must.

KVD: For my book, is a book of ideas. I have about 20 of these, but never leave home without it, because if I have an idea I like to write it down so you do not forget me. For example, many people do not know, but I love gardening and the other day I came up with some ideas for my garden and began to draw them. They are as different ideas, then I organized by categories as it can be a font a ‘jacket’, a turban, or just something that occurred to me that I have to develop.

PR: But also an artistic profession like yours, that is 24 hours, 7 days a week, maybe something occurs to you when you’re sleeping …

KVD: Sure, even in my dreams I’m working, but as many say: if you are in love with your career is not work, but sometimes it is very difficult to disconnect. That’s one of the reasons why I have no boyfriend (laughs). My art is my boyfriend, and I always say I married the art and I think I can die happy knowing that, and no matter how I feel, will always be there for me (as makeup, music, drawing …) .


PR: And you’re still playing the piano?

KVD: Every day.

PR: And how do you do when you travel?

KVD: Well, I can not take a piano whenever I travel, but I carry my guitar whenever I can.However, the other day in the presentation of Sephora, they surprised me with a piano and began to play immediately … For me it is like being in heaven.

PR: Hey, I know you’re wearing a tattoo of Hollywood, it is one of your favorite cities?

KVD: No, not Hollywood. At that time there was perhaps a landmark in my personal history, but not my favorite despite having something very special city. Prague for example, and architecture of your European cities has far more beautiful (and much more history) in my opinion. I always believe that I was born in an era that was not for me (laughs).


PR: But for example, for a person who wanted to go to Hollywood, what would you recommend them?

KVD: Well, for starters, say that many people have the misconception that Hollywood is Los Angeles, and that’s not true. Hollywood is a very tiny part of Los Angeles, Hollywood got out of the sea, the mountains, more city, the desert … I understand that Hollywood attracts a lot of attention because it has all the celebrities, and partly cool throughout history there are in the city because my neighbor’s house, for example, was the home of Lucille Ball, then imagine. I like that part of the story but I feel that Los Angeles has much more to offer than Hollywood.

PR: And is there any restaurant you could recommend us?

KVD: Well what happens is that I am vegan, and fortunately in Los Angeles have many good choices and offer plenty of vegan food, but my favorite is called “Real Food Daily”, and there is another called “Crossroads” I but more like love for parties, as catering. But both are delicious.


PR: And you favorite club, to hear live music?

KVD: Not exactly a club, but do you know Magic Castle?

PR: It’s like a private club behind Hollywood, right?

KVD: Yes accurate. You must invite someone to be able to enter. The kitchen is the best, it’s my favorite place in all of Los Angeles. The next time you come to LA you come with me, is something you’ll never forget (laughs).

PR: Well, and as I know you love music and you play well, tell me a couple of groups that are your favorite or that you like a lot

KVD: Well, I always listen to classical music a lot (laughs), but there is a group I’ve been hearing a lot lately called IAMX, the singer lives between Los Angeles and Germany, and I think that’s my new favorite band

PR: And the best concert you went?

KVD: Mmmm, because this month I went to one of Foo Fighters and had never seen them live … it was amazing. Well, Dave Grohl is my friend, I’ve done some tattoos, but did not know who had an accident in Sweden and broke his leg. Then they built a chair and even with the plaster was playing on stage … wow! I was impressed; they played like 3 hours.

PR: Hey and do you always maquillas you or does someone else?

KVD: Yes, I always maquillo. I do not like it when someone else makes up me and I think makeup is a very intimate thing, except that my style is very different from normal and if I do it someone else will do it totally different; I love me greatly exaggerated eyebrows and very concrete things and if I change the makeup, they’re going to change the whole style, then I’d rather do.


PR: And a beauty tip that you give to the girls of your daily ritual, what would it be?

KVD: There are many, but some people think that because you’ll lick it a way to see more beautiful, but more important is self-confidence. I always say that is something that is within you. Because I love makeup, I love to wear it and switch style, but my favorite look is when I do not have even a drop of makeup and even see me as a girl, I do not care, because I like it.

PR: And tell me a little about your clothing line.

KVD: Right now I’m not doing laundry. I did it for 2 or 3 seasons until I got involved in the vegan world and have learned much in the process of production that want to investigate more and change. That’s important for me to do things well and although I love and I also loved making shoes, now I’m focusing more on makeup.


PR: And who would you not have tattooed tattoo?

KVD: I always get that question, but I think I do not care so much about the person, if not the concept of tattooing.

PR: How would you know who you have not met?

KVD: Beethoven (laughs).


PR: O if you had to choose two companions to have a perfect dinner, good conversation, who would you choose?

KVD: I love people of other times (laughs) … I think I would choose to Edith Piaf, Beethoven and Nietzsche.

And that was it. Needless to say, he is a charming and charismatic woman , and I’ve enjoyed talking with her.

I hope you do too you enjoyed the interview!

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Written by Lady Ashley

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