Shoes of the Week 1


first post of the year of Kat von D Style! I am planning to do a weekly post of her shoes [even if I don’t know the designer] every Saturday! So here is January 1st-3rd

January 1st: Rubber Dipped Mary Janes by Parada
January 2nd: Irregular Choice [amazing Ombre tights are by BZRshop on Etsy
January 3rd: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa


with that said, I have so many things in store with a new year beginning. Re-Doing KVDU youtube channel, still have yet pages to get up and going on here and organize my Kat von D pictures for the gallery! I still can’t believe I have this site too! after nearly 5 years of running Kat von D Unlimited I have my own site! But here are some of Kat von D FIRST of the year!

first picture of 2015
first “tattoo time” of 2015 of an Owl
SONG OF THE DAY: “L’ Via L’ Viaquez” by The Mars Volta
first Shoes of the Day

ALSO! on Kat von D Unlimited I have uploaded ALL of Kat von D’s make-up tutorials! So they always be in a safe place and easy access then having to look through Sephora’s page and Kat’ Youtube doesn’t have all her tutorials up or in a playlist. So enjoy! Kat von D Make-Up Turorials Playlist

Hope you all had a great 2014 and hope you have an amazing 2015! Can’t wait to get it started with all I have in store for Kat von D Unlimited ^.^ make it the ultimate place for Kat von D Fans!

Introducing The Shade+Light Contour Collection

Published on Dec 31, 2014

Shop Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette exclusively at Sephora

What it is:
A contour palette featuring three contour shades and three highlight shades, designed to shape and define facial features to create authentic dimensionality.

What it does:
An expert sketch artist, Kat Von D uses shadow and light to create depth and dimension in her captivating portraits, infusing them with lifelike authenticity. Take artistry shading into your own hands with this Shade & Light Contour Palette, and effortlessly sculpt, chisel, shape, and slenderize your features for enhanced definition. Unlike traditional bronzing powders, the Shade & Light Contour Palette is loaded with a unique selection of matte shades that capture the true hues of shadow and light. The three contour shades create realistic shadows to recede facial features, while the three highlight shades impart a soft luminosity to amplify dimension. A true artist’s palette specially designed to be used with the included Shade & Light Contour Brush, these silky, buildable powders blends effortlessly into the skin for a flawless, fade-proof finish that flatters every skin tone or face shape.

Kat Von D Talks About Her Fans!

The super stunning Kat Von D dropped by Scoopla HQ while she was in Sydney to talk about her makeup range in Sephora and she spoke about her love for her fans!
By Scoopla on December 18th, 2014

Kat Von D Talks About Her Tattoos!

The super stunning Kat Von D dropped by Scoopla HQ while she was in Sydney to talk about her makeup range in Sephora and she opened up about her about famous tattoos!
By Scoopla on December 18th, 2014

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