Magick Piaf NaYeon

If you thought the wait for the 5 Year Anniversary Tattoo Eyeliner was long awaited, today Kat von D has posted THREE new shades for the upcoming Studded Kiss Collelction available at the end of this month [although some Sephora’s already have some of these new shades out in stores]

Although she has not said was was behind “Magick” but the colour itself says it all xD

We all know “Piaf” is named and inspired by her cat Piaf.

NaYeon” was inspired by a muse and favourite make-up artist she follows on Instagram [she also has a twitter] Not only is she a make-up artist and all around amazing being I can call a friend, she is an artist all around [she can draw as well as makeup], she sings and she is a huge animal activist and is deeply passionate on rescuing animals. If you don’t follow her, you really should <3

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