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Limited Five Year “Trooper” Tattoo Liner Edition

It’s is FINALLY here! Kat von D‘s limited edition of Trooper Tattoo Liner! And not only is it LIMITED [meaning, once it’s sold it’s gone forever] $1 of each sale will be donated to California Wildlife Center. The goal is $100,000! It is out now! so head to *** Sephora and get your limited edition now!

Unfortunately, it may not be available in some places. So if you still want to help you can donate to California Wildlife Center directly through their site! I know Kat will appreciate it and so will CA Wildlife.

***Also, Sephora Canada is having a little trouble launching it on it’s site due to moving from .com to .ca so keep checking. Once it’s up I will tweet if you follow me on twitter. 

Written by Lady Ashley

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