I was travelling home today and was finally able to do a new version [and get a new layout] for Kat von D Unlimited for 7th birthday! Can you believe it?! SEVEN YEARS!

I never in my mind though I would be here 7 years later with the longest running Kat von D fan club [i still think fan club sounds so weird to say lol] I started out as a Facebook page then a Twitter then a Tumblr [i do have other social media accounts too]. Tumblr is where I really got an idea how & what I should do. 5 years later I finally had a fan site www.katvondunlimited.com

Still a work in-progress as I am still doing pages & uploading pictures in the gallery from over the years. Of course, this is just a little bit of the “history” i do plan on doing a page on how I became a fan & how KVDU became.

In the meantime, take a look at the new version if you are on a computer/laptop ^.^

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