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Kat Von D Spotted Buying Camera Equipment In Her Bentley Convertible

After having been a successful tattoo artist for over 10 years, she decided to take her art skills in a new direction by creating a makeup line for powerhouse beauty retail store Sephora and so far it has been very successful. Shortly after the launch she spoke about her love for makeup in an interview with the LA Times.

“I never let people see me without makeup. And it’s not an insecurity thing. The perk of being a girl is being able to wear makeup and dress up. It’s another artistic outlet. And the 45 minutes it takes me to get ready . . . is very therapeutic for me.”

She added, “When I’m depressed, it’s really dark. Then I’ll do super-dumb happy makeup. Like, I’ll do one eye electric blue and one smoky brown, and you won’t even figure it out until you’re talking to me — then you’re like, “Whoa!”

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