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Kat von D & California Wildlife

Kat had tweeted today aplogizing for her “radio silence” yesterday. She revealed she was working with California Wildlife in volunteering her time with elephant seals, sea lions & bats as she shown in some instagram pictures & a video:

Sorry for my recent radio silence – yesterday was spent volunteering at the California Wildlife Center (@CAwildlife). After proper care, this beautiful baby elephant seal was ready to be reunited with her buddy who’d been waiting for her back on the beach! [March 4th, 2015]

Kat also tweets:

*REAL TALK: as I type this, there are hundreds of malnourished baby sea lion washed up on the shore. You all KNOW I’m not one to ask for anything from you guys, but the hardest part about volunteering yesterday, was walking away knowing there were so many others left out there because the center is operating at its maximum capacity as is. Clearly,@CAWildlife needs help. And I would be over the moon if my followers joined me in donating to such a worthy cause! Honestly, ANYTHING helps. ️www.cawildlife.org [March 4th, 2015]

Written by Lady Ashley

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