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41 viewsThis is how Poe likes to hang out after my morning workout. [January 18th, 2015]
38 viewsGood morning, @popphysique ! [January 21st, 2015]
35 viewsBest Friday ever with @twatwolf__ [January 23rd, 2014]
31 viewsHad the pleasure of working alongside @RonFinleyHQ ‘s team in planting an amazing garden for the kids at Second Street Elementary School in Boyle Heights. [January 25th, 2015]
32 viewsThese kids have a way of makin me feel connected in ways most people can’t. Getting to plant this garden together was the true definition of joy. heart emoticon #gardeningparty #growyourownfood [January 25th, 2015]
32 viewsThis little firecracker of a girl was instantly my best friend! Not only did she help plant some vegetables, but we also saved the lives of a shit-ton of rolly-pollies! [January 25th, 2015]
29 viewsSee that circular thing in the middle of this vegetable garden bed? It’s called an OLLA (pronounced: oh-yah), and is basically an extremely porous, unglazed clay pot used for efficient watering of plants once buried. Simply put, you just pour water into it, and it slowly disperses it into the soil at a rate that provides adjacent plants w a constant water source at the roots. This ancient technique of low tech, low cost irrigation is a perfect example of the many cheap and easy tools one can use to plant yo
36 viewsIf you want kids to wanna read these garden stakes [and in turn learn to identify the vegetables they’re growing], then you better make that shit rad. #doityourself [January 25th, 2015]
30 viewsThanks again, @RonFinleyHQ for letting me help out in this gardening adventure (and thank you, @seedandsol for handcrafting those garden beds for the kids)! #growyourownfood #vegan #plantsomeshit [January 25th, 2015]
27 viewsBy the time I land overseas, I will have drawn one of my biggest muses: Marlene Dietrich. Farewell, Los Angeles. [shoes by: @depression_official ] [February 1st, 2015]
29 viewsGood morning, Madrid. [February 4th, 2015]
39 viewsTake me from a man betrayed/ Down to where the angels play. [photo by: J.R. Xavier] [February 4th, 2015]
28 views...and to make things even more mind-blowing today, I ran into some of my most talented Spanish fans at the museum, too! ️[February 6th, 2015]
collared bib by: @deandri [February 7th, 2015]
32 viewsThe hardest part about leaving Spain to return to LA, is missing my new friend, Marta. [February 10th, 2014]
29 viewsTrue love. [February 11th, 2015]
31 viewsI finished up a long day of work by treating myself to going through fan mail that had been waiting for me at the shop! A little while ago, a lovely follower posted a photo of herself wearing my makeup - and although she did an excellent job, I couldn't help but comment on how rad her Judas Priest shirt was. Lo' and behold! This sweet girl mailed it to me, along with the kindest letter!! Thank you @yesitsmiranda ! (And give a kiss to your Mom for me, too!) [February 12th, 2015]
29 viewsYesterday’s tattoo session at @highvoltagetat with the lovely, @sassys8n. #tattootime [February 17th, 2015]
33 viewsTattooing has never felt like “work” to me. When I tattoo someone, I receive just as much as I give, (if not more). This, is luxury. [February 17th, 2015]
34 viewsgood morning, my crazy life. [February 18th, 2015]
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