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26 viewsIt's #TATTOOTIME at @highvoltagetat!
So excited about doing this tattoo right now!! #backtothefuture #greatscott!
[october 16th, 2015]
34 viewsVive le Rock! [February 19th, 2015]
39 viewsBeloved kitty-cat portrait tattoo I did on @imnotarobotgirl. [February 19th, 2015]
31 viewsEye rendering I tattooed on my dear friend, @sam_soto the day before yesterday. [February 18th, 2015]
43 viewsTattoo time for @sassys8n!! [February 16th, 2016 via HVT]
62 viewsAs a kid, I remember having drawn this portrait of Anna Nicole Smith about twenty times. No joke. And now, I get to tattoo this portrait.
I believe this particular series of photos taken for Guess showed her true, classic beauty most vividly. #tattootime #highvoltagetattoo [June 26th, 2015]
36 viewsThank you, @kellycoleusa for choosing me to do your Iggy Pop tattoo! #tattootime #iggypop #cryforlove [May 15th, 2015]
44 viewsrib tattoo III. [January 5th, 2015]
35 viewsThank you, @billymorrisonmusic for letting me tattoo you today - knock ‘em dead at tonite’s show! ️[February 19th, 2015]
36 viewsroses+rosary tattoo. [detail] [Febraury 18th, 2015]

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71 viewsSince @sassyS8N and I have been hitting the gym pretty hard every morning, I get to stare at the tattoo I did on her a little while back. So nice to see it all nicely healed! #tattootime #highvoltagetattoo #filagree
[December 1st, 2015]
Dec 04, 2015
65 viewsThank you @thekatvond for spending your Halloween afternoon giving me my very own Lydia Deetz. I'm so so grateful. #lydiadeetz
Read more at [October 31st, 2015 via HVT]
Nov 21, 2015
68 viewsWe are so in love with this amazing portrait of @rqvdw's mom that @thekatvond did.
Check out the detail in her lace shirt and jewelry. Love it!!!
[November 11th, 2015
Nov 21, 2015
66 viewsHere it is!!!! @belin_one's new tattoo from @thekatvond.
I'm sure most of you know who it is!
[October 17th, 2015]
Nov 21, 2015
73 viewsLook at how beautiful this portrait is already!!! @thekatvond is making magic happen on @rqvdw.
[November 11th, 2015]
Nov 21, 2015
45 viewsThank you, @sstrazzere for letting me do my first #lydiadeetz tattoo on you today! Such an amazing way to start this Halloween!
[October 31st, 2015]
Nov 21, 2015
41 viewsGetting to tattoo this portrait of Lydia Deetz on @sstrazzere has made this a perfect Halloween.
[October 31st, 2015]
Nov 21, 2015
43 viewsWith everyone running around getting ready for Halloween tonight, I got to have @highvoltagetat all to myself. #tattootime
[October 31st, 2015]
Nov 21, 2015
47 viewsI loved getting to tattoo matching Madonna symbols on @gspotla + @tobymorse today.
Most of the time I find small, simple tattoos so much more challenging than realism/portraits, leaving little to no room for error. ️ @highvoltagetat
[October 29th, 2015]
Nov 21, 2015
46 viewsdetail. [october 16th, 2015]Nov 21, 2015