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Kat von D by Kandee Johnson

Kat von D & Kandee’s friendship has really turned into a fun loving one where everybody loves seeing these two together! Here are two video’s that started us on this KandeeKat adventure

What’s In Kat VonD’s Purse with Kandee [June 6th, 2015]

Kat Von D Shoe & Closet Tour Kandee Johnson [June 9th, 2015]


about the only one that ever mattered…

Kat has shared an instagram video of her playing the bridge to one of the songs she wrote for her album “Satellite”

We built it up/
To fall apart/
To see the end/
Before it starts [bridge from a song called “Satellite” that I wrote years ago about the only one that ever mattered.]
[March 8th, 2015]

here is a demo of the song that was remixed by Deadmau5 when they were together. Closes you will get to the song until it is released XD

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