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BEAUTY CHAT oo1 What Is Your First Makeup Memory

Kat’s FIRST Beauty Chat was “premiered” today at noon! if you haven’t seen it here it is! I will be starting a “Kat’s Beauty Chat” Playlist on my Youtube channel for all her chats in one place!

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KVD Beauty Site & KVD Beauty Chat

Kat von D Beauty website has a NEW look! Also, you can now

oo1__ shop KVD Products [you can also shop by which are vegan since some are still being converted!]
oo2__weekly OLD SKOOL Kat von D Products

Amongst the usual #KVDlook & Tutorials

If you haven’t heard yet, Kat von D is starting a BEAUTY CHAT!!! and it starts tomorrow! Here are some teasers of what’s to come! Make sure to tune in tomorrow!




Kat’s Beauty Chat! FIRST WEEKLY EPISODE LAUNCHES NOVEMBER 18 AT NOON PST! So, mark your damn calendars [or subscribe, duh!] “Kat’s Beauty Chat” is a segment of Kat’s YouTube channel that will feature makeup tutorials, sneak peek previews, late-nite musical performances, documented art processes, live collaborations and one-on-one interviews with some of her biggest muses in the world of art: makeup, tattooing, fashion, design, music and so on!

Once a week, Kat will reveal her “Muse of the Week” – makeup artists and such who she’s discovered through Instagram, and personally reached out and invited over to her house to collaborate together!

Featured guests you can look forward to seeing:
Dad Von D and so many more to be revealed!
Oh! And as an added icing on the cake: All music for Kat’s Beauty Chat is composed and performed by Ali Helnwein. @alihelnwein

[Kat’s Beauty Chat and Muse of the Week graphic hand-drawn by: BJ Betts @bjbetts ]

My response to the “Vegan” controversy

as you all know, Kat started some controversy yesterday with a tweet:

It’s hard for me to empathize with those who are upset about the recent killing of an innocent lion, yet choose to eat animals.
The only difference between Cecil the lion, and all the animals killed for meat: NONE.
The only difference between what Dr. Walter Palmer did to an animal, and how an animal dies in order to serve those who consciously choose to eat meat: NONE.

Regardless of all the lies our country’s FDA, medical industry, and media force upon us – it is our responsibility to seek out the truth for ourselves, and make life changes individually.
Don’t tell me “I can’t live without my steak.” Don’t tell me “It’s hard because of [insert excuse here].” Don’t tell me “It’s good for your health” when Science has proven the opposite.
Don’t lie to yourself that there is a “humane” way of killing a living being.

July 29th, 2015 via Instagram

Today, she did a 30 minute youtube video explaining what she meant:

Instead of trying to keep up with responding to the influx of comments on yesterday’s post [regarding the “Vegan” controversy], I uploaded a video response for you, [the link is in my bio]. I took note of all the reoccurring comments/negativity to make sure I responded to each of the points, honestly and openly, in hopes that no one is left feeling unheard. You can watch it – or you can not watch it. Either way, you won’t see me fight you on the matter.
With Love. X

July 30th, 2015 via Instagram

Introducing Limited Edition Tattoo Liner!

I have been waiting for this video! Here it is, Kat von D shows us more into the California Wildlife that she volunteers at why she is donating a dollar from every LIMITED EDITION sale. Remember, once they are sold out, it’s gone for good. AND, if you can’t buy one, you can always still donate to CA Wildlife through their website!

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