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Interview with Sananas

Here is an interview Kat did in France recently for the Kat von D Beauty launch!

Jeffree Star: It’s so much easier to do the right thing.

As most know, Kat posted a video on why she is disassociating herself from Jeffree Star. Reading the comments on her instagram, so many are twisting her words or hearing what they only want to or never really watched the video. I can go on about it but I wont. She said her piece and leave it at that. Here is the video explaining why it has happened and the payment he never did for the guy who did his make-up logo you see on his brand to this day.

In an effort to not start a commenting war between anyone, i have disabled comments on this particular video. To me, the subject matter of this video is not up for debate, as there is such a difference between wrong and right. Follow me, unfollow me, block me, love me, hate me — up to you. I just want to live in a world where people are nicer to each other and stick up for whats right. X #payyourbills

London Press Release Live

July 6th, 2016 at 9:30am Kat did her first Live Press release on her Facebook
check out Youtube for more videos

Vision Behind Her Latest Lock-It Collection


Black Leather – Prayers feat Kat von D

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