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Muse of the Week oo2

“Man, oh man! I have been Steffanie’s biggest fan for SO LONG now and have stalked her Instagram forever! So, when she agreed to come over to my house and film a tutorial with me I was over the moon!
I was already prepared to be in awe of Steffanie, but never did I imagine I’d be making a life-long friend out of it!

Steffanie is an amazingly talented makeup artist, as well as the Co-Founder of Nero Cosmetics – which I didn’t even know until AFTER we filmed this! That’s how humble and awesome she is!

PS. I’m still unsure who’s a crazier cat-lady – me or Steffanie. 😉

Anyway! Hope you guys love this super simple, awesome metallic green lip look – and TRY IT OUT YOURSELF because it was SO UCH FUN and EASY TO DO!

Products used [all Kat Von D Beauty]:

-Everlasting Liquid Lip in “Witches” black.
-Studded Kiss Lipstick in “Plan 9” green.
-Metal Crush Eyeshadow in “Iggy” emerald.

*all products are available on: or at a Sephora near you!

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Published on Dec 3, 2015

Please, enjoy this video I made for you! I had a blast trying my best to create a complete look using only ONE product: Studded Kiss Lipstick in “Vampira.”
Warning! I only made this video for the purpose of creating something fun and beautiful for you guys, but in all honesty, i wouldn’t recommend wearing a cream-formula lipstick as eyeshadow and eyeliner – although it looks cool, I imagine it most likely wouldn’t stand the test of time if I were to wear this look going out!

BUT! I encourage everyone to try and take this challenge, too, with any product! Film it, and tag me in it, so I can see what YOU come up with!!

With Love,

[ music composed and performed for this video by: @alihelnwein ]
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Which ONE beauty product would YOU choose

Published on Dec 2, 2015
Featured guests [in order of appearance]:

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The purpose of this video isn’t to complain, vent or have a pity-party in any way. My wish is to shed some light on a subject that I think we are ALL too familiar with. I hope that when people watch this, it will inspire to think with compassion the next time you go and leave unnecessary mean comments on people pages – and on a bigger scale, we can start treating each other with a whole lot more Love – not just on social media, but in REAL life too!

With Love,

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Muse of the Week oo1

Kat has started her “Muse of the Week” and this week is Ashley Sherengo aka lipstickittty
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Here is what Kat had to say about Ashley

OMG! I’m so excited to announce my very first Muse Of The Week: Ashley Sherengo [aka @lipstickittty]!

I’ve been stalking Ashley’s Instagram forever and am so in love with her approach to lip looks! What I love the most from filming this tutorial with her, is that Ashley is truly innovative, figuring out neat approaches to make using whatever is laying around!

She’s like the McGeyver of makeup! 😉 Anyway, I just wanna thank Ashley from the bottom of my heart for being my very first victim, and coming over and sharing her beauty secrets with me and with you all!

And if you guys are smart, you’ll look her up on Instagram and on her YouTube channel and follow the hell out of her!

Ashley Sherengo:
Instagram: lipstickittty
YouTube: lipstickittty
Snapchat: ashkittty