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Serpentina Re-Stock & Lock-It Revolution

As many of you know, Serpentina was launched at Kat von D Beauty but sold out! I assume this is why they had started a day early on Sephora where they to sold out. I know many are upset about this but do keep in mind, they do not foresee what will happen so was out of their control selling out. And as wonderful as they launched a day earlier on Sephora for all of you. But don’t fear, they will be re-stocking for tomorrow!

Also, don’t forget! The new Lock-It revolution has launched today also! with new brushes as well!

Kat von D Beauty

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Muse of the Week oo4

Published on Dec 18, 2015

Not only did Steve-O teach me how to create this amazing traditional clown makeup look, but he taught me how to JUGGLE IN 5 MINUTES!! Hope you guys love this video as much as I do! And can’t thank Steve-O enough for making the time to teach me so much! I adore you, Steve!


[opening graphics hand-drawn by: @BJBetts]
[clown theme song composed and performed for this video by: @AliHelnwein]
[editting by: Tom Siiter]

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CLOWNS: Love or Hate?

Published on Dec 16, 2015

This week’s Beauty Chat is just a little taste of some sadness that is to come! Featured guests:
Dad Von D

[opening “Kat’s Beauty Chat” graphic hand-drawn by: @BJBetts]
[music composed+performed specifically for this video by: @AliHelnwein]
[editting by: Tom Siiter]

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Muse of the Week oo3

OMG! Ive been so excited to finally share with you this #MuseOfTheWeek tutorial featuring Tara Buenrostro [@juscallmetara] ! I learned SO MUCH from her filming this and hope you guys will too! Clearly, this is an ADVANCED eyeliner tutorial – so with a bit of practice you can master this approach, as well. Keep in mind, the extremity of this look would most likely be used for an editorial photoshoot – but you can always tone it down if you wanted to use this approach for an every day look!

Extra special thank to Tara for teaching me so much!

[music by: @alihelnwein]
[opening “Muse Of The Week” graphic hand drawn by: @BJBetts]
[editting by Tom Siiter]

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Even though we all know the Mi Vida Loca eyeshadow palette was limited edition and already sold out – here’s a tutorial I filmed for you, inspired by one of ny favourite people to follow on Instagram: @juscallmetara !

Products used for this look:

-Mi Vida Loca eyeshadow palette
-High Voltage eyeshadow primer
-Tattoo Liner
-Immortal Lash mascara
-Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Double Dare”
-Lock-It Liquid Foundation
-Shade+Light face contour palette
-Shade+Light eye brush

[music for the video by: @alohelnwein]
[editing by: Tom Siiter [email protected]]